Saturday, March 22, 2014

our Irish parade day

 Last Saturday the girls and I headed to Salt Lake City for the St. Patrick's Day Parade with our civil war group.  IT WAS A FREEZING COLD DAY!
Here they are trying to keep warm in the bitter cold wind.
I grabbed a few shawls as an after thought, glad I did.
Here we are last year, the weather was beautiful.  When we finished the parade, the girls wore shorts and we went out to lunch. 
This year when we finished, we just wanted to get in the car, out of the wind, and turn on the heater full blast.  That is exactly what we did!

But despite the cold cold day, the girls were so great.  Especially Kenna.  Her poor little chubby hands were purple from the cold. 
My friend Amanda has this awesome 1880s baby carrier that she rode in for the parade.  
Kelsey pulled her and it was great.   

The St Patrick's Day Parade is a pretty fun parade.  There are so many wild, green folks there as parade entries, and in the crowds. 
The parade goes through the Gateway Shopping Center which is really fun.  There were people in every nook and cranny, especially the sunny spots!  My friend Crusan had daughters in the parade and she watched the parade from an overhead crosswalk and snapped a few pictures for us.

Excuse my horrible petticoats, and I wish you could see Kenna being pulled behind Kelsey, but that is us.  We have such a fun group of friends that reenact with us.  They are all great.

It was a good day, and the heater in the car was wonderful. 
We look forward to next year and warmer weather.  Although I think this was the perfect excuse for me to make myself a civil war era coat, a paletot.  Oh, that would have been fantastic!



Kerin said...

Love this! What a fantastic experience, and I love your period dress!! Perfect. I'm sure that you made a great impression on the parade route :)

Sorry about the cold... seems Spring is taking it's time warming up.

Smiles :)

Kay Ehrmantrout said...

Kenna was such a good little girl. She looked absolutely miserable the whole time because of the cold, but she did not cry at all. Thanks for the last minute shawls.


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