Friday, March 21, 2014

I love a good chocolate bunny!

About two years ago I made a new friend named Tiff.  I have actually never met her, but I found her wonderful blog and I enjoy reading about her life in Maine, her sweet family, and the things on her mind.  One of the first blog posts I read of hers was about Easter decorations.  Tiff is an incredible interior decorator.  Incredible.
Anyway, on her blog she talked about some ceramic bunnies she bought at a thrift store that she painted brown to make her very own chocolate bunny decorations for Easter.  I love the idea and of course I love chocolate, so I logged away the idea in my mind.

Kelsey wanted to go to the thrift store a few days ago to see if they had some clothing for her nerd day, 'Napolean Dynamite Day' at school.  Of course nothing in her closet was nerdy enough, so she looked in mine.  OUCH!  Just kidding, I know I am not the fashion expert she would like me to be, but she still loves me.  Anyway, I told her to look for some bunnies to paint while she was at the thrift store.  She found these three.

And she painted them for me last night.  We now have some cute chocolate bunnies for our little Easter decoration table now.  So cute.  Thanks so much Tiff and HAPPY SPRING!

1 comment:

Breanne said...

Cute! Such a clever idea. Now I want chocolate. ;)


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