Thursday, March 06, 2014

oh how we love homework

We have been experiencing some very nice spring-like weather here lately.
So when Kendal gets home from school, she and Emmitt want to be outside.
Yesterday I told her that when they came in from playing, it was homework time.
Kendal isn't too fond of homework time.
An hour and a half passed after she had been home from school, and Kendal still hadn't darkened the door.  Usually some after school hunger drives her inside.  Not the case.

I went out to see what was keeping Kendal and Emmitt so engaged that her hunger could be forgotten.
They were in the chicken coop with a dust pan, broom, cardboard box, and face masks.

The prospects of doing homework must have been truly awful to think it was a good idea to clean out the chicken coop without being asked to do it!

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