Friday, May 01, 2009

Ask and ye shall receive

I must apologize for my lack of blogging but I have been doing something VERY important. I have been reading Midnight Sun online. That is how I have been spending my 'computer time.' Midnight Sun as you Twilighters know is the book Stephenie Meyer started that has Edward's perspective of it all. It is a good read and I am ready to castrate and then hang up and whip the blankedy blank blank blank that stole it from her, sort of published it online, killed Stephenie's attempt at another great book, and really ticked me off.

Stephenie only got 264 pages of it written before it was all over the Internet without her permission. It is wonderful for Edward fans to read the sappy sappy heartbroken vampire's story to it all and I am sad it will never become a real book. For those of you that have not read it, do it. Here is the official website. I really wanted to print it off so I could read it whenever I wanted, but I couldn't figure it out. That whole copyright thing! Anyway, you can save it in your Documents file or just keep logging on to read it. Click on the Twilight Series Tab and then on Midnight Sun.

What else have I been doing? YARDWORK!! Everyone say it with me, YARDWORK!! Spring is here. It has not snowed for a good 5 days or so, so it must be spring!!

These pictures are from yesterday. I was very hesitant to even post this picture of Kendal with her Pepsi, but she was so stinking cute I just had to. Matt and I have an on-going and ever-going disagreement on pop. For all of you city folks, that is another word for your 'soda.' (I have a problem with a few words in our English vocabulary and SODA just happens to be one of them.) Anyway, Matt loves his Pepsi and his Mountain Dew and I clearly and absolutely despise them all. Kendal found this lone Pepsi in the back of Matt's truck yesterday when we were shoveling dirt and had to have it. I can't believe I relented and opened it for her, but I did.

Here is the pile of dirt on my driveway yesterday after I had already removed about 1/2 of it. There is still a little pile of dirt on my driveway today. I didn't get as much done today as I would have liked to. Oh well. I asked a contractor guy that lives just down the road the other day where I could find some dirt. He told me he knew of a guy digging a basement. The next thing I know, the contractor guy is on my front porch with a load of screened, beautiful topsoil. Ask and ye shall receive! He told me Matt wouldn't want me to dirty up his (Matt's) truck bed so he decided to bring me some! How nice!

These pics are from today. Emmitt was so good and asleep in the house for about an hour and then he wanted no more of that! I brought him outside with us and he was super content. This was his first yardworking experience and it was a good one! How can you beat an overcast spring day, being outside, mom's voice within range, and sister reading DORA to you?
Just a little side note: today when I was shoveling that gorgeous dirt into the wheelbarrow, I happened to get a good wiff of it. It brought back so clearly memories of my grandma's house. The first wiff was pretty vague - just Grandma's house. Then I got a second wiff and it all came back to me - playing in Grandma's tator pit. Oh that earthy smell! We had some good times in the tator pit. The wonders of growing up in the country!

One more thing. This beauty was parked outside our house for the night and part of the day a few days ago. It is HUGE! Matt's vet school buddy Ellis stopped by on this way from the racetracks in Arizona for the winter to playing with horses in Montana for the summer. Ellis and his also-vet wife Mandi are in Ogden with that HUGE truck and trailer at some national cutting horse event for 10 days. It was a short visit, but a nice one. Ellis is a great old friend from the Oregon and Washington days.


Family of ARTISTS said...

Ahh yes I remember the smell of the tater pit. I remember it was one of our favorite places to play, as long as we ignored the spider webs and stinkbugs. I have enjoyed the weather also, I got my garden in minus the corn. Gotta wait one more month for that. Nikki

Jenny said...


Epperson Family said...

What a SWEET ride! I'm glad you liked Midnight Sun. It was really good.

Bednar Family said...

You are so amazing! I can't believe how busy you are. I love the topsoil but don't think I would have been as happy seeing it in my driveway-- :)


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