Friday, May 15, 2009

Big Dummies

I hate to complain again about how un-smart some people are, but look, they did it again!
Matt ordered more vaccine, 3 bottles this time ($630 worth) and they packaged it so crazy again!

In this HUGE box there were 6 ice packs and Matt's three tiny tiny bottles of vaccine. They next dayed it this time though instead of 2nd day shipping, so it did arrive cold. Thank goodness!

One more thing. I went to pick Kendal up from school the other day and Emmitt was in the car with his face covered a little with his blanket. When Kendal got in the car, I uncovered his face and Kendal said "Oh mom, he is dis so tute!" I said, "yes he is super cute" and then she said about 4 more times on the way home (a 5 block area) "He is so tute!" She loves that little brother of hers!


Jenn said...

How cute is Kendal!

Bednar Family said...

What a cute pic! Good luck with the vacaine people if not open your own warehouse and sell the stuff (you'll definetly make more profit than them--better packaging and all) :)

Jenny said...

Tute, tute, tute, all the way home, now that is more like a boy. Emmitt is sooooo Tute!


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