Saturday, May 09, 2009

Jen's Hot Fudge Sauce

So one of my best friends, Jen, sold her house and left town on me. But before she left, she brought me some last minute fridge and freezer items from her empty home. SMUCKERS hot fudge sauce was one of them. Let me tell you all, I have a love affair with chocolate, no matter the form. When I used to tell Jen that I would buy a bag of chocolate chips with intentions to make cookies, but somehow the bag was gone in 2 days, she would become ill for me. Apparently her taste in chocolate is a little more sophisticated than mine, which became VERY apparent to me the other day with the hot fudge sauce example.

Emmitt is now 6 weeks old and my clothes don't fit. I can get them on, but it is not a look I want to sport in public - skin tight if you know what I mean. So I have been trying to be so good with my little binging sweet tooth. After looking out my kitchen window for the 16th time in a day, and NOT seeing my friend Jen's house but instead whomever bought her house, I cracked the lid on the hot fudge sauce. There was ONE tiny little finger print in the top of the fudge - the bottle was full. Well, it was seriously gone in about 3 hours. I kept dipping in a spoon for a little treat every time I looked out my window at Jen's old house, but then Kendal saw me and I had to share. Luckily, it was 2/3 gone by then so she didn't get too much of a belly ache!
Jen, here is my poem to you:

I miss you more than chocolate chips,
your absence is dangerous to my hips.
Please come back and visit soon,
or I may take a bite of the (chocolate) moon.

Mrs. Durfey, eat your heart out! I knew I was a poet!


Bednar Family said...

I'm glad I'm not the only choco-holic (much to my dismay). Next time use apples to dip in the fudge then you'll feel like you're being somewhat healthy-lol :)

Camille said...

Holy Crap Rachel -- you always make me laugh!! I'm glad to see you've come around after all these years and LOVE chocolate as much as I do!!! And I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one dipping into the chocolate chips, or any other form of chocolate, throughout the day to satisfy my aching sweet tooth!!

Epperson Family said...

You are so funny. Glad a can't look out my window and to only remember that Jen is gone :( I miss her too now that you remind me. Love the poem!

Jenny said...

tears! Miss you too! Can I come over for a sleepover?
Better yet, Jack Jack really misses waking up in the middle of the night at your parents house complaining of constipation, lets meet and go visit Buttons!

Tori said...

Oh you really are my sister! We are so different at times, but loving chocolate is a true blue part of being Buttons daughter!
Count yourself lucky, Brogan didn't like me eating chocolate when I was breastfeeding.

mom said...


Jenny said...

Miss my "look out the window" friend more and more, especially since she found a love of the Civil War, Sewing new outfits, Quilt guild pres, RS pres. and many more. Lets get back to gardening and yard work... well and chocolate fudge syrup. LOVE YOU.

Jenny said...

I love when the "you might like" these posts comes up with a winner!


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