Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Summer is here I think, I hope

We blessed Emmitt in church this past Sunday. Most of Matt and I's siblings and their families came up for the day. It was so much fun. The girls had been looking forward all week to when cousins and grandpas and grandmas would be at our house. Thanks Cranes, Talbots, Elwells, Chappells, and Rowsers for traveling to be with us.

Emmitt's little outfit turned out okay. The cutest part was the little tie. I think I will be making a bunch of them for upcoming Sundays. Anyone with a little baby boy? I will make you one too! The only thing truly special about his little monkey suit is that it has my grandma Lela's buttons on it. 5 of them, like the buttons that have been on something else before. I had to cut little pieces of fabric and thread from the back of all of them. Reuse - that was my Grandma's motto I think!

After Sacrament Meeting we all came to my house for a little chicken cordon bleu sandwich in the sun. It turned out okay I think. I was too busy barking orders to my sister in laws, mom, and friends to notice. Thanks ladies by the way!

The kids had a super time. They kept the Sabbath Day holy by running through the sprinkler, jumping on the tramp, and playing in the sandbox in swim suits, underwear, or nothing at all. It was a warm warm May day and I knew they would want to play in the water - heck I did! I told Kelsey to run inside and get our drawer of swim suits. I figured we had enough to outfit all the girls. Kelsey took the suits onto the front lawn and the girls were throwing clothes off faster than a cheetah after some lunch! It was precisely 2:08 in the afternoon and our ward happens to get out of church at 2:00, so many folks got a nice little naked girl show on the front lawn as they drove home!

The kids and I spent a little time on the deck after dinner tonight. It was fabulous - the deck and dinner. I bought some corn on the cob with expectations of it not being so good because it is so early for good corn, but we were pleasantly surprised. It was so good! We all wanted more! Maybe it tasted good because it was the first corn on the cob we have had this year, but either way it was great. Kelsey lost her 8th tooth last night and she was so excited to eat corn on the cob. She couldn't eat it very well last year with all her loose or missing front teeth.

Chillin on the deck. I took out a magazine to flip through and Kelsey was reading her new IVY and BEAN book I bought her today, so Kendal went and got a Junie B Jones book to read. So funny. She picked a big girl book with no pictures and actually sat there and 'read it' for quite awhile.

I told Kelsey that this summer she needed to read at least a chapter a day in a chapter book like Magic Tree House, Junie B Jones, or something like that. I saw some IVY and BEAN books today and bought them. She loves Ivy and Bean. She read the first chapter tonight and asked me if she could "please read one more." She loves to read and I am happy about that.

I put some shoes on Emmitt for an hour or so this evening, thanks to Tori and Tacey! There is something so adorable about baby shoes. I love them. They are useless, but darling.


Jenny said...

Emmitt is sooooo sweet. How is Kendal and the heat? It was a perfect day. My boys have sunburns, well a little.
FYI I don't think Charlee has ever worn shoes with the exception of a couple times to church. NO SHOES FIT HER FAT FEET. Miss you, can't wait until you come up and help me move all my junk into my new house.
BTW I think you and I should put a wood floor down in your house, we can do it, I have been thinking a lot about that lately... bye bye carpet, hello wood floors!

mom said...

Sunday was a great day,,,the blessing, the food,the people, and the weather,,,,I am pretty sure everyone had a great time.
Thanks for everything.

Talbots said...

It was great, relaxing, and sooo much fun. A little bummed about leaving, but I know that we will return this summer! (especially if your making those sandwiches again. This time I should learn portion control and not eat myself sick!) Thanks for the great time! I love getting together with your family!

momof6 said...

I can't begin to tell you how excited I am that you and Matt have a little BOY! I love all five of my boys and of course my one little girl. I can see fun times ahead. Miss ya!

Bednar Family said...

So cute! It sounds like you guys had a great time. Congrats on the baby blessing. I can't believe how big he is getting. I can't believe Kelsey reads those books--she must be a great reader! My second graders were reading Magic Tree house. Wow!

Patty said...

Sounds like a fun day. I would love directions for the tie!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the fun day I loved it. Paige and Lainee are still talking about it. Emmit is so cute and it was so fun to get together with everyone.
FYI a book series that Paige loves is called Armenta Spookie and they are so fun I have read all five to my second grade class and Paige has read the first two! She also loved the Spiderwick books they are way better than the movie.

Tori said...

It was a wonderful day!

I loved watching the kids playing in the sprinkler--summer is finally here.

I am so glad those shoes fit him. I could never get Brogans feet in them.

Krista said...

Love his little outfit! What a cute little boy you have. Also, you are looking really good! What's your secret?


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