Monday, May 25, 2009

Tough Girl, Smiley Boy, and No More Sweaty Neck!

Kendal turned 4 years old last week. Holy cow! How time does fly! She had a super day and I am so glad that she did. She is pretty easy to please! She loved all the streamers and balloons. She loved that they were hers. Matt LOVES surprises and birthdays so he wanted us to wait until he got home from work before Kendal could open her presents, which turned out to be around 9:15. No matter, she still loved her new scooter and rode it around the house since it was too dark outside!

We finally got around to blowing out candles a few days later. She loved it. She loved her cake even though it wasn't anything from anything, she absolutely loved it because it was hers. She did get a little frustrated with the trick candles though and asked for sissy's help! She is a super sweet girl and we love her.

Oh, the poor thing, I almost forgot. She woke up early on her birthday and so I had her go downstairs to our UNFINISHED basement that Kelsey insists on sleeping in, to wake Kelsey up. I heard in a sweet little whisper "Telsey, wake up. Telsey, sis, wake up." Then as she got no response from that sister of hers, it became a little louder. Then I heard a big bang and Kendal crying. I figured Kelsey pushed her off the bed and I was ready to give that 7 year old of mine a piece of my mind when she came running upstairs and told me that Kendal had a bloody nose. I grabbed some toilet paper and ran downstairs and boy did she have a bloody nose! All over the place.

I asked Kelsey if she pushed her off the bed and she denied it. I asked Kendal and she said that she fell off and bonked her nose. The truth will go to the grave I guess. Anyway, Kendal cried for about 30 seconds and I cleaned up the blood. Kendal is a tough tough little girl. I am not sure if it is because her brain waves are all messed up or because of her "decreased sensitivity" due to her meds, but let me tell you, she is tough. It takes a lot of physical pain to make her cry. I am making a short story long, sorry. I think Kendal broke her nose.

Look at the picture of her smiling with her new scooter. That was the day it happened. It looks much worse now and there are some definite bumps on the side of her little nose that were not there before! My poor little Kendal, broke her nose on her birthday.

Now on to Emmitt. Matt took the girls south today and they played wild at the ranch all day catching lizards. They had a great time. So did Emmitt and I. I got to sew a little, I mowed the lawn, I pulled weeds, I did some MAJOR laundry, I cleaned the kitchen really well, and I loved on my little man. I was also able to capture his sweet little smile that I have been getting for a few weeks now. It melts my heart. Here you all go, you can see it now too.

Here is Kelsey's BEFORE picture. She got her hair cut the other day. Kendal got hers cut on her birthday, and Kelsey got hers cut the next day. She has been begging me to get it cut for about a year now and I finally relented. Just so you know, I did not tell her that BEFORE pictures are supposed to look miserable, she must have just known that you are not supposed to smile.

Here is the after picture. She loves her new hair cut so much. Her dad, who happens to be heartbroken with the new do, asked her why she wanted it cut. Here are her reasons:

1 - I get a sweaty neck when I sleep dad.

2 - I get so cold when I get out of the tub with wet hair and it lays on my back.

3 - Emmitt is going to be old enough to pull it soon, so I better cut it off.

4 - She will never admit this one, but I know it is true - she thinks she won't have to do her hair anymore, or I mean, have it done anymore if it is short - WRONG!

Either way, she loves it and it will be a great change for the summer.

There is our update. Oh yeah, Matt is running wild and crazy and SUPER busy being a vet - 'stamping out disease and saving lives.' Something like that anyway. Me, I am busy feeding a baby, keeping the yard watered, trying to sew and quilt when I can, and looking forward to a wonderful summer when the girls get out of school. Only 4 more days!


Jenny said...

just think only 4 more days then you get to help me move in! I want to see the front of Kelsey's hair... Your kendal is tougher than tough! I miss you guys, glad that you all can move on with out me there. I love the sweaty neck comment, she might look like her beautiful mother, but she has her father in her for SURE.

Happy Birthday Kendal!

mom said...

I love the smiling pics of Emmitt, he is soooooo growing.
And Kelsey's hair is darling,,the dads that insist on long hair, should have to wear it for awhile,(I say that in a very nice way),
and Kendal and her scooter looks soooooooooo happy.
Looks like your in store for a great summer.

Tori said...

I just want to kiss that little man of yours--he is so cute and growing way too fast!

Kendal is a tough little bird.

Kelsey's hair is darling, but it makes me a little sad--she has such beautiful hair.

ourhaskellfamily said...

Em is so cute with the smiles!!! That is part of what makes that first few months worth all the hard parts! Kendal must be tough. I broke my nose when I was little and I cried a lot more than 30 seconds. Glad her scooter could make her feel better though.

Sarah said...

I love her reasons for the haircut! I remember Hannah mentioning the sweaty neck/back thing...(they must have been planning these
Emmitt is adorable! Love when they start to smile!

Talbots said...

If I didn't know any better I would think that was Alysen from behind! The haircut and the color. I too am excited for school to be out!

Epperson Family said...

I love Kelsey's hair, your smiling little man,and Kendal's happy face!

Bednar Family said...

Poor thing! I'm glad she had a happy birthday! And I LOVE the new hairdo.

Joe said...


It is stomping out disease and saving lives...not stamping!!!! Come on you heard it for 3 1/2 years you should know better. :)


Rachel said...

sorry Joe,
I heard it SO MANY times it is a blurr to me! I did think of you and Ellis an Matt when I wrote that!


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