Friday, May 15, 2009

My sweet and fashionable Kendal

My little Kendal turns 4 in a week or so and she is still not potty trained. I am so tired of it all. I asked the neurologist at Primary Children's Hospital when we were there in March if it had something to do with her medication because it is a 'sensory inhibitor' drug. He told me that it was hard to tell, maybe she is just stubborn or maybe it is because even though she is physically almost 4, she is not mentally or socially almost 4. Well, that was not helpful information! Anyway, I have been VERY patient about it all, but it is time to move on.

We went to King's yesterday where she picked out a great toy that I was going to use as bribery. She picked out a Belle cell phone. When we got it home I prepared myself for the meltdown that would occur when I told her she couldn't open it until she used the toilet. It happened once, twice, and a handful of times again, but she understands the concept. She still doesn't want the cell phone bad enough to use the toilet - YET!

Today I was getting ready to change Emmitt's diaper. She wanted to help. I told her she couldn't help change the baby's diapers until she was wearing panties and not diapers anymore. She ran in her room, put on some panties and came back out to help change Emmitt's diaper. Here is what she looked like. Cracked me up!

I love the back view, she didn't even get the Dora panties up over her little hiney! I looked out the back window earlier today and she still had this get up on, but in addition to it she was pulling her little Dora suitcase with wheels down the sidewalk. I wonder what people think of us!

A few hours later she was playing in the basement - unfinished basement with bags and boxes of clothing and toys. She came upstairs like this - Kelsey's snow boots, Kelsey's new flip flops on her hands, and the life jacket. The pink IFA hat was added to her outfit and covered up her super cute curly pigtails earlier in the day. She is full of fun.
My friend Jen used to comment on her different outfits throughout the day. I didn't think too much about them until now. Maybe she will be my fashion star. I doubt it.


Jenny said...

Boys and girls are sooooo different! This takes the cake. She has something going on, don't be surprised if VOGUE is knocking down your door.
I am sure I have seen panties worn over a skirt in Amanda's Vogue magazine! And I am positive in my Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue I have see those exact boots worn on girl with less than Dora panties on and a orange life Jacket

Anonymous said...

Jenny, your comment was funny, lol. Rachel, this girl cracks me up!!!! It's the undies not pulled up on her hinny in the back that makes me laugh so hard...OVER HER SHORTS! And the fact that she wandered out side with the suitcase is priceless!!! Your child is making people's day as they drive by and better yet, it makes us feel normal. The difference is that you child struts her under-roos outside for the world to see, and not just in the hall way of your home. Potty Training….She’ll get it. My thought is as long as they are potty trained before kindergarten, all is well, lol. Hang in there:)

mom said...

Oh My Hell,the mental pic I have of her going down the sidewalk with her get-up and her suitcase makes me laugh so hard.
She will probaly be one of those people that can throw on anything and look simply "marvelous", making the rest of us look so boring.
The toliet training is hard,,,,hopefully soon,,,she will stop being so dang stubborn.

Jenn said...

that is too great! My Clint would do the same thing I'm afraid.

Krista said...

I love it when kids start dressing themselves, but I have to say Kendal has put Anna to shame! I would have loved to see her walking down the street. Another incentive to move to Heber!


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