Tuesday, May 05, 2009

My Moods

I will not wish any of you a happy 5th of May, well, yes I will. The only significant thing about this day to me is that it is Candace Dickie's birthday. She was an old roommate from the Snow College days, so Happy Birthday Dickie - happy 5th of May! I will wish you all a wonderful 4th of July when that rolls around since I am a patriotic AMERICAN, but I will not say any about Cinco de whoopdedo Mayo.

Since it seems I am in a bitter mood, I will give you some more orneriness. We got a little flyer in the mail that said something like this the other day - 'Transfer a prescription to Walgreens pharmacy and receive a $25 gift certificate.' I usually don't think too much about these kind of things, but I did this time. When I did our taxes for this past year I realized how much stinking money we spend on health care and medical expenses. So I went to Walgreens pharmacy yesterday and asked about how much Kendal's prescription would be there. If I can get it cheaper than what I am now, I am all for it.
So the lady looked it up for me. For 6 weeks worth, that is what I get now, her medicine that she takes night and morning to keep the seizures away would cost me $743.00 at Walgreens. The generic, which we have strict orders not to do, is $566.00 there. Right now I shop at Smiths pharmacy. Their 6 weeks worth is $598.00. Isn't it all a bit ridiculous? Does her medicine REALLY cost that much to produce? Gimme a break! Anyway, before you all start feeling sorry for me I have to tell you that we do have insurance, as crappy as it is, and after we meet our pharmacy deductible (which isn't hard with Kendal!) we pay around $130 for her medicine.

Okay, now my REAL mood. It has been a wonderful day. I have been able to sew for a little while and do some yardwork. The dirt pile is gone! And, if that was not enough, I am so in love with my little boy. He is so sweet, he just melts my heart when I look at him.

From the words of the sappy Bella, "I am unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him." He is such a sweet, good, and easy baby. We are so blessed to have him in our family. We adore him, and I adore him more than anyone else because I know him the best. I think I know him better than he knows himself. He is wonderful.

A disclaimer about the pictures though - I am not nursing him in this one and I would like to say that the bulge under Emmitt is just my shirt but that is not the truth. I bought skim milk yesterday instead of my usual 1%. Now the pounds will MELT right off! And the picture above . . . I see the crows feet eating up my face. It bites to get older! I have to post these pictures of me and my little man though, because there won't be a truly acceptable picture of myself with him for about another 6 months. But like I said, "Unconditionally."
One more thing - I bought this computer in the good ol' U S of A and it's spell check has no idea what CINCO is! Funny.


mom said...

Emmitt truly is a beautiful baby,(yes, boys can be beautiful.)

And as far as those crows feet,,,it only gets worse, so enjoy that unflawed face for as long as you can. I look in the mirror, and think,,MAN!! I shoula loved it while i had it. LOLOLOLOL.,

Sarah said...

Such a cutie!
Hannah is almost 7 and I still don't think we've taken an "acceptable" picture... lol.

Jenny said...

i could make your photo's look better! How is my house holding up? Have they done anything to my sad sad forgotten yard!

Tori said...

I soooo agree with the Cinco deal! Enough said.

Rachel--you are real and you are beautiful!

Emmitt is darling. I wanted to squeeze him a little more when you were down, but I supressed my rigors.

Talbots said...

I love American things that don't accomodate the Hispanics (ethically correct, if I was talking with my brothers I would use another word). As for Emmitt I just want to sqeeze the -- out of him. He is so fun!

Bednar Family said...

I love the picture of you two. You look so beautiful and he is gorgeous as ever!

Jenny said...

I just read my comment again, Clarify! I could make your pictures look better because my daughter is 10 months old and your son is 1 month old.


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