Tuesday, December 14, 2010

aniston's quilt

Matt's sister had a baby girl 2 weeks ago, and as tradition has it, I make the nieces and nephews a baby quilt. Mindy did not know if her baby was a boy or a girl, so I couldn't do too much in advance with the whole quilt making thing. So I have been busy making a quilt and completely ignoring the fact that I have not done much Christmas shopping!

I finished the quilt top today and now comes the delicious backing, the quilting, and the binding. I know it is not finished, but with the top complete, maybe I can get to shopping for my children's Christmas presents!

I did decide that the buttonhole stitching kind of applique is not my favorite. I don't know what my favorite applique is, maybe I just am not a fan of applique at all!


Emiko said...

I love it!! I am not a fan either! Mindy will LOVE it!

Emiko said...

Not a fan of applique ( that's what I meant)

Talbots said...

I do love it! I haven't been on blogger for weeks I guess, I just found like 10 new posts you have done, WOW! Can't wait to see it and she will love it!


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