Saturday, December 04, 2010

another example of why i am lame

My cousin came up on Friday and used the amazing quilting machine that really belongs to my neighbor but is residing in my basement right now to quilt a gorgeous queen size quilt. It is a Christmas present, so sssshhhh, its a secret for someone!

It was pretty fun to have her here, but my kids were disappointed her kids had to go to school and couldn't come and play!

And, although this should not please me nearly as much as it does, I got a new iron. I know, it is lame that I am excited about a new iron, but I am! I received this one here for part of my graduation from high school present. My mom used to be an ironing goddess, so she thought I needed one for graduation. She has since come to the light and knowledge that not EVERYTHING must be ironed, thank goodness. Anyway, this sweet iron that I will not reveal its age to you has been held together by electrical tape for a few months now. I didn't mind it, but when I took it to sewing night last month at our church, I was a little embarrassed! It is funny how you don't notice something until you realize how others see it!

So for safety sake, embarrassment sake, and just because I deserve a new iron after all these years, here is the new sweet aerodynamic one I just purchased. The cord sucks into it, that was the purchasing point for me - no cord for Emmitt to pull down off the washing machine (that is my 'going to use in a minute' holding spot) on top of his head.

By the way, the other part of my graduation gift was a cruise ticket. Yep, that is right. Our graduating class went on a cruise for our senior trip. The advantages of a small school and a small class size - 32 of my best friends in the world. Most of them in my class since Kindergarten. I love them and think of them often.


mom said...

That is a classy lookin iron,,,makes me think I may need a new one. But I have got ya beat on oldness,(besides my age) my iron was a wedding present,,now that is one groovy iron,,,,, lol
But so true, I absolutely do not iron like I used too.
Enjoy your iron, it really does look fun to use.

Krista said...

I remember that iron! That's so great that you still have it. Just goes to show that you know how to treat appliances!
Love the new one. I would love one with a retractable cord. It is a must when there are little ones around.
Happy ironing!

Tori said...

Hmmm--- I have no idea where my iron is...shows how good of a wife I am! But I beleive I got it right before college also.

You are not lame-- new appliances are always fun! I get excited over the little things too!


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