Sunday, December 12, 2010


Kelsey participated in a chess tournament on Saturday and did very well. There were 108 kids that played, and 39 in Kelsey's division, the 3rd and 4th grade group. She placed 6th overall in her division and won the Top Girl Award in her division. She had a great time. She won 3 matches, lost 1 match, and then tied 1 match.

Emmitt loves her trophy almost as much as she does. He kept kissing the horse, or as Kelsey calls it, the knight, on top of the trophy.

Kendal went with her dad to preg check some cows and got to play with all kinds of cousins, see her brand new baby cousin, and had a supreme blast. She called me last night as the two of them were driving home and said while crying "I want to stay here. Why can't daddy just leave me here?" When I mentioned that some Christmas presents had arrived for her, she stopped the crying and reluctantly decided it was okay to come home. It was good for her to have so much fun, and good that she didn't have to sit at the chess tournament for 6 hours! Emmitt was a little trouper and did great. While all the kids were playing their matches, Emmitt and I could play with the practice games laid out. He thought it was great, because he is used to just watching while sis and dad play chess!

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Tori said...

Miss Kelsey is so awesome!
She amazes me!
Emmitt looks so big! He is growing up too fast--maybe its the new haircut.


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