Friday, December 10, 2010

hot fudge cake

Sunday afternoon I made hot fudge cake, Capitol Reef Best Western style. I worked at the Capitol Reef BW Restaruant between high school and college and they made the best desserts. I had never had fried ice cream until then, and I loved their hot fudge cake. I wanted to relive the glory days and make some for my family. It looks a little tipsy, but it was delicious!

Since I am finally feeling like the Christmas season is here, I figured this was a good way to kick it all off. Since I just figured that out, all the snow has melted and I have 2 gifts purchased. I am in a bit of trouble!

The night before this was taken, I MADE Matt watch Twilight with me, and then New Moon. I told him in the summertime that watching the movies with me was a winter obligation for him. He grumbled and mumbled, but I think he secretly enjoyed snuggling on the couch with me until 2:56 am watching Bella, Edward, and Jacob. By the way, Matt likes Jacob (as do I) and I was wondering if this were a male thing - I think most guys don't like Edward. Anyway, in this picture he just woke up from a 4 1/2 hour Sunday afternoon nap. I think it must be in our genetic make up as mothers to be able to handle less sleep than men. Oh, and then Sunday evening we watched Eclipse together.


Michael and Cassie said...

Hey my mom and I want one of those hot fudge cakes! send one up this way eh? looks yummy! but I guess since you live too far away, the recipe will do! haha!

Robert and Cherlelynn Bednar said...

What fun and what a yummy looking cake. Please post the recipe--I know I'll probablly mess it up but I'd like to try. Have a great Christmas season!


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