Tuesday, December 21, 2010

what to do on a snowy day

Today is a snowy day, we got a ton of snow last night and it just keeps coming! I am so grateful Matt did not have to drive to work today. He and I have been shoveling like crazy and it just keeps mucking up the driveway! It looks like the sun may make an appearance soon though!

Emmitt and I played 'farm' for awhile this morning. He is so cute and he loves his farm. He kept giving all the horses and cows, pigs and sheep drinks of water from a little bucket. It was the cutest thing, and the sounds he made were fabulous!

Yesterday I made some delicious grape jelly. I am hoping to get some more made today. My sister is the goddess of canning and I used her idea and her recipe (the Ball Blue Book!) and it turned out so pretty and so yummy! I also have a few Christmas presents that I need to finish sewing up. Christmas is sneaking up on me, but it is a true blessing to remember the birth of our Savior and be able to celebrate it with my little family.


mom said...

I think we are the only place in Utah that didin't get snow,,,soooo you just keep it up there.
Love the pics of Emmitt, so cute.

Tori said...

Love to play "farm" well at my house its usually trains.

I am not the goddess of canning--I learned everything from you--so I guess that makes you the Queen!


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