Monday, July 14, 2008

Aunt Laura's house

Our Internet has been sick and I am sick of it! What did I do with my evenings/nights with no Internet? Well, last night I watched a movie and the 2 or 3 previous nights I actually went to bed before 1 am! It was amazing! I am glad to back online though!
Friday the girls and I headed to Nephi for the Ute Stampede. Well, we didn't actually go to the Ute Stampede, we went to Aunt Laura's house and played hard. Mindy rented a fun water slide and we had a blast. We ate good food, jumped on the tramp, played in the water, and went to the parade. It was a fun fun day.

The one in blue is Kelsey, the one with the grocery bag on her broken arm is Alysen, and the blondie with her mouth wide open is April. What a super fun time we all had.

Kendal went down the slide once, got out of the landing pool, walked straight to her Grandma Ellen, grabbed her hand and said "Mon" which meant "C'mon Grandma, this is so fun you will love it." Grandma declined the invitation.

For some evil and hideous reason, I loved the dominoes wipe outs that would occur when someone was climbing the 'stairs' up to the top, lost their footing and would fall down the 'ladder' and wipe out everyone else standing in line. It made me laugh right out loud, until I did it. Then I nearly peed my pants from laughing so hard. This picture was a weak wipe out, there were some REALLY good ones when everyone was either left horizontal or slammed back into the landing pool.

This is Adri and Alissa, and baby Lilly. Those 2 girls love their little cousin Lilly and I think they love to play the mom too. Lilly was such a happy baby all day, she was wonderful.

Kendal liked to hang out at the top of the water slide. I think she liked the challenge of climbing up part but not necessarily the sliding down into a pool of cold water part.

A nice shot of my mouth wide open. Yes, even the moms played on the water slide. We had a great time. We, the mothers, even raced the kids. We had a timed event and we timed how fast we could climb up, go down, and then come back around to our beginning spot. We old ladies showed those kids up! It was great. I think 10 seconds was the record.

The parade was nice and long with A TON of princesses to wave to and candy to fight over. Here is Kendal, Aunt Amanda, and Lainee. Kendal loves Lainee. When she saw this picture today she said "YAINEE, YAINEE" very excitedly.

And here are my two little gooses, well, I guess geese. We had a super time playing with all our Crane cousins.


Kellee and Courtney said...

That's my idea of great summer fun.

mom said...

Looks like ya had tons of fun!

Jenn said...

That looks like SO much fun. I love that you guys(the moms) got to play too!

Spencer's Adventures said...

That slide looks like so much fun...I think they should move the kangaroo zoo outside for the summer so we could all do that!

acrane said...

rach I can't believe you posted that picture of me two of them great but shot of my big fat but.

Camille said...

Your girls are so darn cute! I'm still missing the small town parades and July festivities!


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