Tuesday, July 29, 2008

To The Hills . . . again

Matt has most Tuesdays off and he spent this Tuesday at home actually helping me with the honey-do list. I know conventionally honey-do lists are for the husband only, but if I gave him a list without offering a hand there would be a revolt or mutiny! So the day started off with a trip up the hill to Home Depot near Park City. We purchased a new dishwasher. The one we have now was given to us from someone we didn't even know when they were redoing their entire kitchen. It replaced one that was dead for 4 months while I did dishes in the sink - heaven forbid! Anyway, the one we have now that will be replaced this Friday has been leaking on the floor for about a month, wait, no more than that, a few months. When I start the dishwasher I have to place a few towels at the bottom of the dishwasher (the metal bottom part has been removed and sits annoyingly on my table) to soak up the water. Well, so long soggy towels! Friday you are history!

I also went to the fireplace store here in town and paid 1/2 down on a wood burning stove that will be installed in August! WOO-WHO!! We are pretty excited about this!

Then I ran to help set up county fair exhibits for a little while, and when I got home I made Matt help me pull out the washer and dryer for a clean-up job. We have lived here for almost 6 years and this has never been done! I could have made all my family members lint sweaters for Christmas with how much stuff I found back there! Needless to say that was a job that is good to have done. We had to take the laundry room door off so Matt could pull the washer out far enough to get it cleaned well enough behind it. My laundry room looks so good now, it smells good too! It is so clean Matt could do sterile surgery in there! Anyone need a cat spayed? Just kidding, hee hee hee.

Anyway, I was feeling bad that Matt was not doing anything fun on his day off and because I was spending so much money, so I suggested we head up to the hills for dinner again. He was all about that! So we loaded up the fixins for hamburgers and away we went.

When we got up there, the 4th step I took was in a nice fresh cow pie. You gotta love open range! Well, Kendal lasted longer than me, but eventually she found one too. Here she is cleaning her shoe, so cute! It is so nice that she is actually caring about that kind of thing now. A year ago she would have cared less.

Once Kendal saw the chips, the hamburger was forgotten. I wish we would learn our lesson on this one thing with her!

The Proctors, our wonderful neighbors, also came up. Here is Matt, Derek, and Austin retrieving their arrows from the target. It is so nice being in the great outdoors, feeling the cool breeze, and living the city behind!

Kelsey and Kendal love Kim and Debbie. I truly mean LOVE. What would we do without the Proctors?

Kelsey was getting a little cold so I got the blanket and started to wrap her up. Kendal of course ran into the blanket and they became 'the horse.' It was so cute to hear Kendal squeal as she brought up the rear. I kept telling Kelsey to walk a little slower so Kendal wouldn't fall until she told me that Kendal was pushing her that fast!

It was a great day with Matt home and it turned out nice. I love summer and I love spending it with my family.


acrane said...

Sounds like a great time we missed you at the party but looks like you had way fun.
WEll can't wait to see ya soon it will be so fun.

LeEllen said...

Summer and family ... can there be anything better?

mom said...

Yayayayay for new dishwasher,,,,, and the stove,,,, you will enjoy it so much.
And the cook out looked like fun too.

Tori said...

So how hard is it to install a wood-burning stove? That will save tons on your Questar Gas bill!! Such a nice productive day--those are the days that you go to bed feeling good about all that you accomplished, plus you found time to have fun!! NICE!!

mindy said...

Now you need to spend every Tuesday in the hills cutting fire wood! I love IT! We saved a ton on diesel this winter with our wood burning stove. My furnace rarely kicked on until Mid-February when we were out of fire wood!

Epperson Family said...

It's a good thing to just pack up and head for the hills. Hurray for the new dishwasher!

Jenn said...

I'm pretty jealous about the fireplace. Can you imagine what the jealousy will turn into come dead winter when it's not 100 degrees outside.

Krista said...

Congrats on the new dishwasher. I love getting new, working appliances. Looks like you had so much fun up the mountains. I'm sad to say that we haven't been in the mountains yet this year. I want to get up there and do smores soon. Anyway, looks like you are having a fun, busy summer!

Spencer's Adventures said...

Holy cow!! What a busy day...sorry you had two extra kids on top of you to boot! Thanks though :). I'll return the favor anytime.

Jenny said...

I am expecting my lint sweater for Christmas! I don't know why but that was extremely funny to me!!!!!

Rachel said...

crap, I better learn to knit or crochet!
Wendy, no big deal honestly. Your kids kept my kids out of the laundry room and busy somewhere else!


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