Monday, July 21, 2008

Our new tent

Saturday while I floated the Provo River (pictures to come hopefully) with some friends and my sister Tori and her husband Jared, Matt took the girls to Cabelas. Now you must know, we love Cabelas. I say that with a WE because it is true, I honestly enjoy it very much too. We have spent some great days there, yes, I mean full days. Anyway, Matt came home with a new tent on Saturday. He has been eyeing this particular tent over for a few years and we have a big camping trip planned for August in Idaho with our friends Joe and Lindsay. Our wonderful canvas tent is a little too big and over the top for where we are going, and the little dome tent that we bought in Pullman, Washington how ever many years ago is just a little too small for our family now, especially with the way Kendal sleeps. So anyway, we have a new nice tent.

We set it up Saturday night and slept in it. It is a nice tent and actually pretty spacious. Thank goodness because Kendal was seriously ALL OVER the place! She finally ended up konked out at the door of the tent with nothing but the tent floor under her. At about 2:00 am I put her little sleeping bag over the top of her because I was not gambling with waking her up trying to put her inside the bag. She slept that way until about 6:00, and then of course she joined me.

I got this shot at around 8:30 when my bladder could no longer handle it and it was warming up so much that we were all sweating like we were in a sauna. She is so cute, especially asleep. Kelsey had a good nights rest also. I am not sure how because she insists on sleeping with at least 5 "friends" every night. Those friends are whatever stuffed animals she is taking care of at the time. She has at least 400 of them. Kendal is so different, she could care less. She likes her baby doll every now and then, but she is nothing like Kelsey in that way.

I didn't have Matt take a picture of me before we slept. I thought I would have Matt take one of me in the morning. Who was I kidding? My hair is so wild in the mornings, and if you could see bad breath in a picture, mine would have been horrible!

Matt, Kendal, and Grandpa Larry are outside in the tent right now, asleep. I hope it lasts through the night. I think it will.


acrane said...

hey looks like fun but its still not a trailer. Hey the and 6 sounds great but I think you should round up some cute miamaids to come and tend while we shop. give me a call or I will call you.
have fun in the tent

mom said...

Looks like a great tent,,,, enjoy!

mindy said...

I can't wait for shopping. Maybe I should go to Cabellas and school shop! Kidding. I love the tent. I need to break down and buy one for us, but it is a lot easier to spend thousands on a trailer than hundreds on a tent.

Camille said...

How fun! Makes me want to set up our tent and let Brad and the kids sleep out there when I have the baby!! JK! Kaitlyn is the same way as Kelsey when it comes to sleeping with her furry friends.....girls!

Kellee and Courtney said...

Sweet tent. We went camping last weekend on Fishlake with my clean-one-owner camp trailer. I am only guessing but i think your tent would have been way more waterproof.

Epperson Family said...

I really like your tent. It is nice to have something besides canvas to set up sometimes. My kids love the back yard camp-outs too.


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