Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Pahvant Range

Saturday after we got that darn pipe put back together at the farm, Mike and our little family headed up to what Matt calls the West Mountain. It is the mountains just south of Scipio, which are really called the Pahvants. Matt has been up there a few times but I never have. Matt told me that are steeper than a cows face and now I know that he is telling the truth. Mace and his family rode up also. Mace hiked up another hill and was able to watch a fawn being born. He is a wildlife biologist and that must have been a great experience for him.

Here we are looking over the town of Fillmore and all of Millard County. It was amazing how far you could see from that peak. Matt and Mike were looking for deer so they spent their time "glassing the hills."

Kendal needed a little peek too.

Kendal, Paige, and Kelsey found a lady bug and were very interested in it. They were so cute and Paige was so nice to my little Kendal. Kelsey looses her patience with her sister very quickly but Paige was nice and sweet.

Kendal tromping up the hill back to the truck that Matt said was "just over this hill." Yeah right!

Matt and Mike wanted to go see another part of the mountain but we ran into a few obstacles. The first one Mike just put the truck in 4 wheel drive and went around it, but this one was a little too big for that. The guys were bummed because they really wanted to go look in a certain drainage for their big bucks.

This picture above shows a really big cirque made by a glacier long ago that is lined with a ring of snow. It was so great to see snow at the end of June! It was so steep on every side, it was a little scary actually.

I was going to tease Matt that this was the only wildlife we saw, but we did see a couple of bucks on our way down off the mountain.

I wish you could see how steep this really is. I thought Kendal was going to go down the hill and NEVER come back. One little slip and she would be gone. I didn't let her stay there for very long.

I like this picture of Matt and Mike looking across the valley to the other hillside looking for antlers.

They call this formation 'The Beehive.' I thought it looked so pretty with the evening sun on it. We had a super evening up in the mountains, even if the entire mountain range is either straight up and down or a jagged peak. Thanks Mike, Mace, and Amanda!

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Tori said...

I have never been up there, but it looks beautiful--looks like they could film a movie up there!


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