Saturday, July 26, 2008

A perfect world

Gotta tell you about our dinner conversation last night!

Kelsey has been on this kick where she asks about whatever she is eating. In the past it has gone like this: "Mom, what do carrots do for your body?" "Mom, is meat good for your body?" "Mom, what does rice help your body grow?"
So last night this is what she said as we were eating dinner.
Kelsey - "Mom, is cottage cheese good for you?"
Mom - "Yes, very good for you."
Matt has to pipe in and say "It's made of fat."
I quickly add, "It is not fat and we don't worry about fat anyway." I can just see my 6 year old turning anorexic on me!
Kelsey - "What does it do for your body?"
Mom - "It makes your teeth and bones strong."
Kelsey - "Oh, good." She keeps eating her cottage cheese.

40 seconds later:
"Mom, did you know it would be a perfect world without winter, Satan, or fat?"
Stunned, awed and completely agreeing I said "Well yes it would Kelsey."


Spencer's Adventures said...

Kelsey is so funny! My kids had a blast with her the other day at my mom's house.

mom said...

For sure would be a most perfect world without the yucky winter,,,,,,,, ahhhhhhh, if only!!!!

Jenny said...

Fat what is fat?

Jenn said...

NO couped up in the house and shoveling every day.
NO temptation.
And a perfect body!
Yes Kelsey I agree! I'll quit dreaming though.

Epperson Family said...

What a cute, smart little girl you have. However I like winter. Mild winter!

Krista said...

I love how smart she is! I completely agree!


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