Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dang I love summer!

My parents came up Saturday afternoon and spent the night. They had been to my great aunt's birthday party and were staying over for baby Brogan's baby blessing on Sunday. It was so fun having them here. Matt worked 1/2 day in Roy and then helped Derek and the Proctors with his Eagle Scout project for the afternoon. We had the Proctors come over for dinner when they were finished tying their rebar. They worked hard all day in the heat and needed some nourishment.

We had corn on the cob from a delicious Sugar Sweet Corn Stand here in town - it was so good! That is one thing I love about summer - corn on the cob! We also barbecued some kabobs and had some salad. It was delicious!

My girls loved spending time with their grandma and grandpa. They are such good and fun grandparents. I loved having them here too.

Dang I love summer!


Jenn said...

That looks SOOOO GOOD! Hmmm, I really should make that for dinner.

What's the secret to get your parents to Heber and staying at your house? I need some pointers. ;)

thelarsenfamilyexpeditions said...

I bet they had a lot of fun with
the grandkids. Your mom looks like she is enjoying the sandbox as much as I do with the grandkids.
Also I forgot to tell you how much
I appreciated the clean playroom
down stairs in our house. It was a
nice suprise. Thanks for everything
that 2 weeks we were gone....

Krista said...

I also love summer. I love it when the grandparents come to visit and play with the kids. I don't know who looks like they are having more fun, your mom or your kids.
We haven't had any corn on the cob yet. I think that it might very well be on the menu for tomorrow night.

Jenny said...

I am still out of it! I miss you guys. I was glad to see a hand shooting out of a white truck today as I was going to Charlee's Doctors apt.
Buttons looks right at home in front of that BBQ and Kabobs! I am gald you had a nice weekend. Yeah for summer.

mindy said...

I wanted pictures of the food, you made my mouth water!!! I agree, summer is the best!

acrane said...

hey I need the kabob recipe.
looks like you had a great time


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