Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Kenna's blessing day

Here is the blessing dress I made for Kenna last week.  I talked about making it and how pitifully sentimental I am in a post a week or so ago that can be found here.  The underskirt and sleeves are made out of the bolt of pima cotton from Matt's grandmother, the purple sash is made from leftovers from Kelsey's blessing dress, the skirt is made from leftover eyelet from Kendal's blessing dress, the bodice is made from leftovers from my friend Amanda's wedding gift I made the day before, and the two buttons on the back are my grandma Lela's buttons.  She is the grandmother Kenna is named after.

My grandmother Lela Ackerman Chappell was an amazing woman and the grandma that just lived over the hill as I was growing up.  She wasn't a hugger or even a real physically compassionate woman to anyone that I ever witnessed, but she had the biggest heart.  She was a softy and also an emotional woman who was touched by simple things.  She kept an amazing garden and yard - she made a clay hillside bloom into what seemed like the Garden of Eden.  She could bake the best bread and cookies, and I loved to watch her hang clothes out on the clothesline for some crazy reason.  She passed away in 2007.  Anyway, her grandfather, Jan (John) Akkerman and his wife Hendrika, moved from Holland to the United States in 1881 when he was 38 years old.  Kenna's middle name is Holland in honor of this side of our family.

Here is my little Kenna Holland Crane on October 21st 2012, almost 4 months old, getting ready to put on her new blessing dress.  She is the happiest baby on the planet I believe.

We blessed Kenna in Salina where Matt's mom and dad attend church. They were speaking in church about their recent LDS mission to Missouri on October 21st, so we decided it was also a good time to bless our little Kenna since the family would be gathering anyway.

My Crane Crew, I love that Kenna is pulling Kendal's hair and Kendal is smiling.  That is just so typically funny to me!

Kenna is a such a wonderful addition to our family and brings such sweetness and peace into our home.  I am so grateful for her and her mild manner and personality.  Everyone seems to talk a little quieter, a little nicer, and a little bit more kinder with her in our home.  She brings so many smiles and laughter into our house and we all love her to pieces.


Kay Ehrmantrout said...

She is such a happy baby. Her blessing dress is so cute. I love your family pictures. Nice family get-together strategy for combining a homecoming talk with a baby blessing. I shall have to remember that one.

Mom said...

She is one happy baby. And so beautiful.
The dress you made,,,,,,AWESOME!


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