Monday, October 22, 2012

monogrammed bed runner

I traced this G monogram and this little fancy fleur de something design onto freezer paper,

from this vinyl table decoration when it was rolled up in a box in my friend Amanda's basement last week.  I was so so sneaky! 

I bought some white pre-quilted fabric as well as some plain old black fabric.  I starched and pressed the black fabric 6 or 7 times to make it nice and rigid to make the applique designs easier to work with.

I ironed my freezer paper stencils onto the black fabric and cut out the G, for GRAY, and I also made a beautiful arrangement of nice, solid, even numbers.  (My mother, and I have come to realize myself as well, have a love affair with even numbers!)  I cut out my stencils and black fabric, placed them on the white pre-quilted fabric, and appliqued them on with a close zig-zag stitch, although a nice satin stitch would be great as well.

The intricate fleur de something design on the vinyl freaked me out, so I took the design to the copy machine and just increased a portion of the design.  Then I made another freezer paper stencil.

I added those to the white fabric, stitched them on, and added the same black fabric as a sharp looking simple binding.

This bed runner is a wedding gift for my dear friends Amanda and Caleb, who were married just over the weekend on October 20th, 2012.  This is my bed; it will look much better on their bed -  a 4 poster canopy bed with a dainty, classy white and red bedspread.  This quilt on my bed is not the prettiest little bed covering, but it was made with supreme love by my mom and dad for me about 10 years ago.  I say supreme love because my mom does not sew.  She hates it, horribly hates it.  That is why I love this quilt, and because it hides any of the bodily fluids that may spill from my little baby as I change her, feed her, or bath her!

Okay, just had to throw a picture in here of it on my bed with the quilt I just finished binding the other day.  Still not the 4 poster canopy bed though!

Anyway, this is the new happy couple and the new happy owners of my totally-made-up-but-worked-out-great monogrammed bed runner! 


Heather said...

It is absolutely stunning Rachel!! Amanda and Caleb are so lucky. Not only will it look amazing, but it'll probably help keep their tootsies warm!

Kay Ehrmantrout said...

I saw it on the gift table at the wedding and wondered what it was. Thank you for this post. Positively darling bed runner. Very creative.

Mom said...

I love, love, love that bed runner. And again your talent and creativity amaze me. I wish I would have inherited some of your talent,,,,,,,,,lol

Breanne said...

Love the bed runner! What a sweet and thoughtful gift. Amanda looked beautiful!

Me said...

Please tell Amanda Lee congrats I didn't know she got married. <3 you all!


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