Saturday, October 06, 2012

Utah State Fair 2012

 Kelsey's dress was able to go to the State Fair, so a few weeks ago the girls all had a day at the Utah State Fair.  It was a fun fun day, but so blazing hot!  I took a few pictures of some of the things I loved.  This quilt up above is just fantastic.  The picture is horrible, but the quilt is amazing!  I never want to make one, but I will enjoy that someone else made it!

It was interesting to see this fun civil war era ball gown in the fair exhibits as well.  Alyssa Coombs from Tooele made this dress.  I think it is pretty, I especially love the bertha in the picture below.  

 It took us awhile to find Kelsey's dress, but we did and took a quick little picture.  It was great to see all the wonderful items in the 4H room, and it was great to see Wasatch County well represented!

 Kendal, Kelsey, Kenna, and I had a fun day at the fair while Matt and Emmitt played and worked hauling hay at the farm.  Matt could not believe we didn't walk through all the farm animal buildings.  I think he had his feelings hurt!  It was so hot we were lucky to stay for the few hours we did!  Yippee for the Utah State Fair!

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