Sunday, February 24, 2008

Girly Girls

I never realized what a 'girly girl' Kendal is until Friday. Kelsey's school has been having a Once Upon a Dime week to raise money for a few trees to plant and on Friday all the students were supposed to dress up as a fairy tale character. When we got a dress for Kelsey to wear, Kendal wanted it on pretty badly, so we got one for her too.
She loved it, she twirled and swirled and danced and pranced. It was so cute! Kelsey has ALWAYS been a girly girl and Kendal has not, so it was fun to see her get all excited about frilly dress ups.

Then came the crown, she loved the crown. She kept putting it on upside down because it would stay on that way! If she put it on upside down, she could still ride her little bike and not have it fall off. See, she still had to ride her bike, even though her frilly dress kept getting stuck!

She used to cry when Kelsey and I would make her wear dress ups so I put them in a box downstairs a few months ago. I guess I ought to go get them back out.


mom said...

Cute, cute, cute pics,,,,,, I think they are both girly girls, but also can be rough and tough when they need to be.

Epperson Family said...

Kendal is just growing up. Pretend play is a big part of 2 1/2-5 yr olds. It helps with their development, plus it's so fun to join the dress-up parties. Very cute!

Spencer's Adventures said...

How fun...I love Kelsey's "hair!"

Jenny said...

We need to take the kids and go to the tea house! Jacob was sad he didn't get to go to school on friday as repunzel!!!!! Or Prince Charming


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