Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Super Suffocation

Kelsey's Kindergarten teacher teaches her class a new little poem/song for every letter that they learn. It is a pretty cute song usually and Kelsey sings them all the time. Yesterday afternoon she was singing the F song, something about fish and frogs and it goes to the Alouetta tune. You know, "Alouetta jointie alouetta" that we all learned and we all have no idea what it says. I was folding laundry listenening to her sing the F song in the other room and I broke into my own song, without consciously even knowing it.
Here is my version that sprung up from the back of my brain from at least 25 years ago to the same tune:
Suffocation, super suffocation
Suffocation the game we like to play.
First you get a rubber hose,
stick it up your nose,
turn it on, then you're gone,
Oh oh oh oh, Suffocation super suffocation
Suffocation the game we like to play.

I started giggling at myself because those words came to my mind so easily.
The problem is that I can't remember the other verses. I know there are more, I distinctly remember hearing my brother sing them. I called him last night and he says the cobwebs in his head are rattling around and he will see if he can think of some of the other verses in the next few days. Does anyone else remember that horribly, morbid song?

Okay, I just did a google search and the song goes "Alouetta, gentile alouetta" and, you will love this, alouetta is a bird and the song talks about plucking the bird's head off!! I guess super suffocation isn't too horrible!


Jenn said...

I have to admit that I finished singing the song before I read the words. I can't remember the other verses though. I'll have to try Darryl. He seems to know many of those morbid or gross camp songs.

I can only imagine what my mother thought as I sang those songs as a kid. I makes you remember how innocent, even though we don't sound like it, we were.

mom said...

Just so ya know,,,, after you called me last night,,,, that dang alloetta song would not leave my head,,,,, i even sang it all day at work today,,,(not out loud tho)

Jenn said...

I wish they had a Jeopardy for things like this-- Darryl would win us a lot of money. :)

First you take a paper bag,
Then you put it on your head.
Go to bed — wake up dead.

Alison said...

Yes technically my bed wasn't made all the way... just the blankets pulled up... is this a problem for you?!?!

Epperson Family said...

I think there might be another verse to, but I can't remember it. I'll have to ask my brother. What a silly thing to remember after all these years

Jenny said...

Darryl ROCKS! I love that... I am still laughing not much else to say...

Talbots said...

I am so jealous! I don't remember crap from about birth to 9th grade!

Anonymous said...

Jenn, tell Darryl to keep thinking! I can totally remember that verse too, now that he thought of it!

Thanks Jenn and Darryl. They must do thing differently in Aurora and Redmond because they didn't sing that song in Salina. Matt had no idea what I was talking about!
Either that or he was too busy at the farm to hear it!

Spencer's Adventures said...

I knew that song too. We used to sing to our half-cousin (don't ask). Darryl may have to be corrected though. We sang about a plastic bag!!!

Jessica said...

First you take a bowling ball the3n you roll it down the hall hit your dad make him mad ooooooooooooooo


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