Friday, February 08, 2008

You might be a redneck...

You might be a redneck if once you get a run in your pantyhose (I had to say that instead of nylons) you reuse those pantyhose as Friday night over-the-head entertainment.

Kelsey got out the beloved pair of nylons tonight. The girls and I did this a month or so ago and I nearly peed my pants from laughing so hard. Kendal wanted nothing to do with it last time, but as soon as Kelsey brought them out tonight, she stuck out her little head and said "Mine!" So we let her have first dibs. She loved it.

Here she is saying "Cheese!" The first time we did this, Kelsey and I pulled them over Kendal's head and when she took in her breath, she breathed wierd for a few seconds. She breathed really fast and kept grabbing for her mouth. Well, that lasted for just a few seconds last time, enough time for Kelsey and I to fall to the floor in laughter, after of course, her considerate mother pulled them off of her crying head.

This is me saying "Gimme a kiss little girl." And she actually did, a whole bunch of times. She thought it was great.

The best part of the whole nylons-over-the-head ordeal is the pulling off. It makes great images. That is what makes you laugh so hard. It looks like you are going through the birth canal! These sweet 'pantyhose' have been around for awhile, so they are not as tight as they used to be!

Kendal attacking her dad. He kept stealing kisses from her, she would just squeal and as soon as he would let her go, she would go back for more!

I told Matt he looked like Mike Tyson. Don't you think so? A white Mike Tyson. If he knew I posted this, he would bite my ear off!

Kendal in the birth canal.

I had Matt take this picture for Amanda and Jen. Doesn't my Paris Hilton pose look so authentic?

Tell me why I posted this one? For those of you that are still my friends, come over and I will do it in person for you!

What a good time at the Cranes. See, I told you I would come up with something great to post. If only you could have heard the sound effects! Giggling, squealing, laughing, gasping for air, "mine" over and over again as Kendal stuck out her little head for more, smooching sounds, you get the picture.

Oh dear, the redneck fun is over for the night!


camillebrian said...

I was laughing my head off when I saw these pictures. We used to do this when we were kids and we got the biggest kick out of it! You made my day! Camille

mon said...

Oh my hell,,,,, I was so laughing so hard, i had tears rolling down my face,,,literally!
All i can say is,,,,,"don't take much to entertain the Cranes".
The pics are really a treasure tho,,,,,,,, silly people.

Mom said...

Thats mom, not mon,,,,,,, see, i was laughing so hard, i could not see the keyboard.

acrane said...

rach you crack me up yhose are the funniest pics I have seen

Jenny said...

Rachel, We have no fun compared to the Cranes. The Rowsers are boring, I don't think i even own a pair of "pantyhose." How can the Rowsers top that one, have you ever seen jock straps over head?

Krista said...

Love it! You must have picked up a couple of tips from living in Ephraim and not having anything to do!
BTW...I'm glad that you are feeling better!

Jenn said...

I can't stop laughing. Aren't you glad that isn't the actual size of Kendal going through the birth canal.

I knew there had to be a good use for knee highs! We might have to do this one. My boys would love it. I think Darryl might have more fun than them too.

Epperson Family said...

Rachel, You sre so funny my kids couldn't tell who any of you were.
Funny funny pictures.

Rachel said...

Glad I made a few of you smile!

Anonymous said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, that was freakin' hilarious!! That one of Matt cracks me up and the ones with Kelsey too. Kelsey lips on the last one makes her look like an African American...opps, hope I didn't offend anyone lol! That's funny about Kendal. And I must say I love the Paris Hilton pic, it's getting so much better!

Last week when Mark and I were at the Cobbler house, William was going through my purse and found the 30 cent ball of pantyhose you get at wal-mart. SO Mark decides to do the same thing you guys were doing and put it on William's head. He thinks its sooooo funny and the scene we caused was so embarrassing. A big part of that was that Mark and I couldn’t stop laughing, and Thomas was going to pee hi pants. As we were driving home Mark had the pantyhose in his pocket and I turn to look at them and he had put them on while he was driving. I was so embarrassed. He was determined to keep them on till we pulled into our drive way...and he did! It's a good thing people don’t know us in this town!

redneck Rachel said...

I love it, Mark is the man!


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