Monday, February 11, 2008

Snake Bites

I have a leatherman that I keep in my purse. It is my leatherman, I bought it when we lived in Washington and I used it nearly everyday at work when I worked at Crossroads Nursery doing plant stuff. It has been missing from my purse for about a month.
Sunday I asked Matt "Sweet husband of mine, can you take my staples out today? It has been about 10 days." He replied with "Sure, what are we going to take them out with?" I thought he was joking, but as I watched him look through my purse I knew he was looking for my leatherman. Startled and worried I said "My leatherman is missing and you are not using that to take out my staples!!!! What do you use at work to take staples out?"
Chuckling, Matt says "We have a little tool that takes them out. Oh, I know where your leathergirl is, (a term we got from my dad) just a minute."
He returned with my leatherman and I told him there was no way he was using that on me. Well, it didn't take much convincing because he did and it didn't hurt!

Here is how well I healed up, not to bad. I was a little sad to see my 'piercings' go because I was going to wear shorts in our 2 1/2 feet of snow on Valentine's Day and do some intricate ribbon weaving to show it off, but oh well, maybe next time after another mindless accident!

A few little tugs and ta-da, I was as good as new - almost.

I hope my snake bites go away a little more! I never knew where he hid my leatherman for a month, but it is safe in my purse again.


Jenny said...

Glad to see the up keep on your shaven knees...
My life is boring I think I need to mindlessly break some glass in a stupid manner and cut myself, just to shake things up a bit!
Way to go L.M. (little Matt) I am glad you didn't hurt my N.F.D. Friend!

Krista said...

I think it looks like a butterfly! That would be an awesome scar!

acrane said...

rach your the woman
There is no way I wouldlet mace go near me with pliers
But my mom on the other hand I would.
you know being a nursea=n al wel anyway your a brave woman.
and the butterfly scar is the best!

Epperson Family said...

Awesome, Now when we are up at Rendezvous camparing scars you'll have cool one to show!

rachel said...

Krista, thanks for the butterfly idea. That sounds much prettier than a snake bite!
Epperson, I thought only men did that?

Jen, nfd friend, don't be mindlessly doing anything!

Anonymous said...

So it was from glass eh?? MUST TELL! It does look great and I can't believe it didn't hurt. FAB! I like your term for your leatherman, that was funny.

Jenn said...

'intricate ribbon weaving'
You're so funny Rachel.

Jenny said...

Rachel, I love the white lacey bottom shorts you have on... Nice it goes with the butterfly! Krista I need to be nice like you, what a creative way to look at a scar.
Matt can staple my knee any day Vet=Doctor same same!


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