Sunday, February 17, 2008

Goodnight Sunday

As I sit here at the computer, Kendal is in bed, Matt and Kelsey are doing their nightly reading and I really should be doing an assignment for a class that is due at midnight, but I just need a minute to unwind. Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest, and this day has not been very restful. It has been a good day though and I am grateful for it.

I am also grateful for banana smeared kisses.
I am grateful for stick people pictures and love notes delivered under the bedroom door when I am getting dressed.
I am grateful for the words "mama" said with a big smile and wide open arms.
I am grateful for good health so I can play 'bucking bronco' on the floor with my cowgirls.
I am grateful for dishes that find their own way to the sink.
I am grateful for my bed being mysteriously made this morning.
I am grateful for the words "thank you" coming out of my husband's and little girls' mouths.


mindy said...

Ahhh, that is so cute. Rach you crack me up. The homework thing due at midnight yeah--that's me too. Sometimes I can't get things done in the evening and I'm at work during the day. Evenings are hard cause the fam is so demanding and you want to hand out with them. (although I could go without cooking for them, cleaning up after them, bathing them, prep for next day for them, you get the picture!)

Epperson Family said...

It's a good idea to remind yourself what you are grateful for. I'm going to have to follow your good example!

Jenn said...

Cute family pic. You really like those banana smeared kisses??? Really?????
I know how you are about messy sticky germy things. LOL!

Lindsay & Joe said...

Super cute family :) We love to see pics of all of you!


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