Sunday, August 03, 2008

August already?

I feel badly that it is August already and we have only blown up our little pool a few times! Man, where does the summer go? We filled up the pool last week and enjoyed a good hour in the killer sun, yes even I got it, but just my legs!

This little pool has little spitters of water all around the outside edge. It was a handy way to get a drink!

The girls are not allowed to go in the garden and they know that rule very well. They can walk all along the outside edge on the railroad ties and that is all. You may not see it, but the cat is in the corn hiding from Kendal. The cats LOVE the corn! It reminds me of that fun movie called Secondhand Lions where they plant corn for the lion to live in. Kendal has been so good staying right on the very edge of the garden yelling at the cats. I have sweet little girls that are learning to listen to their mom!

Should I be worried about this? I told Kelsey to smile so I could take her picture and look at the pose I got out of her!! She did not learn that one from me! Look at Kendal in the background, still after that darn cat!

By the way, my baby sister turns 29 years old today. Happy Birthday TORI! She is having 80's hair issues, her blog is so darn funny!


Lindsay said...

Holy corn! I was SO proud of my garden until I saw the picture of your corn :) Good job :) Will there be any ripe corn for the camping trip??

Lindsay said...

Yeah...probably should be worried about Kelsey :) It must be pubic school!!

acrane said...

I know what you mean when you day its august already I have to start work in a week not fun.
WEll looks like you had fun with your ool. See ya soon

Jenny said...

Where do they get these poses for the picture ideas! You saw Jacobs dance move with his jewelery on, like I should be giving any advice on if you should worry or not.

Tori said...

Not to point any fingers, but I would say that she gets her pose from seeing all of you guys (Jen, Jonesy, and you Rachel) doing your Paris Hilton poses!! Just a thought. LOL! Fun pictures, cute girls, why is summer only a few months out of every year?!

Spencer's Adventures said...

What a cute little pool...and cute little girls to go with it. Our cat loves the corn too, but we don't have any so it runs through our neighbor's corn! Ha Ha!

Anonymous said...

tori, you crack me up - it is all jonesy not sweet little rachel

Jenn said...

I'm impressed:
1. Because you've sucessfully trained your kids not to go in your garden.
2. Because look at that beautiful corn patch!

Our corn didn't have enough nitrogen in the soil and it wouldn't hold a candle to yours!
Better luck next year I guess.


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