Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I never posted a picture of my new, sleek, black, non leaking dishwasher! Look at that beauty!

Our little family actually went on a vacation. When I say a vacation, I mean that we went somewhere without having to go to vet meetings, a family reunion, you know, things like that. We went somewhere just to go there. It was wonderful. The night before we left I was in bed and I heard a munching, growling, pig rooting sound outside my window. The cat food dish is right there but I knew the cats were not making that sound. I went to the window thinking I would see a skunk eating the cat food, but no, there were 2 raccoons eating MY cat food! I turned on the deck light, I yelled, I clapped my hands, nothing would phase these hungry critters. I got a picture of the rascals, you would think the flash would have scared them away!

So we went on our little trip for 5 days. I had Derek come over and feed the cats once while we were gone. Cats can fend for themselves right? So last night when we got home Kelsey fed the cats. Sweet Kendal nicely spread the cat food out for them all over the deck steps and the concrete pad. So a few hours later, everyone was in bed and I was headed that way, and I heard the munching, snorting, growling again! I turned on the light, yelled, and they were still too interested in that scattered cat food to go away. Do you think raccoons are deaf? I also got another picture last night. Just knowing those raccoons have been out there make me want to bleach my entire deck and back lawn. GROSS! They make me sick thinking about all the diseases they may carry!

Well, today I went to the Animal Control Shelter and got a trap for tonight! Stay tuned for a raccoon update!


Jenny said...

I saw a racoon running in the street about 1 week ago! I bet it just came from your house, it looked really full! What are you going to use for bait? Cats or their food?

acrane said...

thats funny I am surprised they haven't gotten your corn yet. Keep them away from that. Last year I had a big Jack rabbit eat all my new little pea plants well I hope you had a great vacation.

Spencer's Adventures said...

You should watch "The Great Outdoors" if you haven't seen it already. That's the only thing I could tink of when I saw those racoons!


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