Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My very sweet, but very different from eachother, little girls

Tonight while I mowed my jungle of a lawn, the girls took care of themselves. I asked Kelsey to take Kendal on a little wagon ride and this is what I got! Pillows, blankets, baby dolls, the whole schmear. It was okay with me though, they were busy and had fun while I got the lawn cut and baled.

After the wagon ride, the blankets and pillows turned into a front lawn bed. Kendal loved this, she kept putting her baby doll and little white bear to bed. She also kept running in the house for more things, MORE pillows, MORE blankets, MORE stuffed animals. By the way, do you like her outfit? I would have NEVER let Kelsey out of the house looking like this. Why is it that I am turning into a softy after only 2 kids? I knew it wasn't worth the fight with my independent and stubbornly sweet Kendal.

So I let the neighborhood see her give her baby doll a ride in the wagon up and down the sidewalk. There are worse things right? At least she left that dang diaper on!

Here she is, saying "CHEESE." She has become well trained with that word.

Here is Kelsey getting our raccoon traps set up. Matt brought one home from work, so hopefully that increases our odds! It is 11:00 and I haven't heard any growling, a snap, or a mad mad varmint yet, so everyone cross your fingers. Kelsey did set the traps, maybe I should have looked at them! Our poor little outdoor-wander-all-night cats are stuck in the garage tonight. I hope they mind their manners in there!

After we cleaned up the blankets and pillows and Kelsey released one of her cats from one of the traps, we headed inside for the night. While the girls were brushing their teeth I noticed little red splotches on our kitchen floor. Blood. I looked at my shoes, no, I told Kelsey to look on her shoes, no. I looked at Kendal's feet and could see a little dried blood on her toe. Then I saw a nice little chunk of skin missing. In all of Kendal's trips into and out of the house on her blanket and pillow runs, she tracked blood all through the house. As I was spot cleaning the carpet every 2 1/2 feet, I thought to myself "Why does my little Kendal have such a high pain tolerance?" She truly does. I could give you 100's of examples of her not crying when she should have been.

So my little Kendal had a nicely bleeding toe and was so busy making her little blanket heaven on the the front lawn, she didn't even tell me or show me, or go get a band aid, or anything. Let me tell you, if that had been Kelsey, there would have been 14 minutes of tears, she would have army crawled into the house sobbing after I had told her to go clean it up and get a band aid, and then she would have used at least 9 band aids AND called her dad's cell phone to tell him that her toe needed stitches. That is the honest difference between my girls. I love them both. Oh, after I got finished cleaning the blood trail through the carpet, I showed Kendal her poor little toe. She said "Need ban ban" and took my hand into my bathroom and pointed to the cabinet where the band aids are. I put one on her little toe and it lasted for about 2 1/2 minutes and then it was off and she was in bed.


mom said...

I think its cool that she gave her baby a wagon ride,,,, and she looked fine,,, as long as she wasn't out there nakkie running around,,,, its all good.
I will call you today to see if you caught any raccons,,,,, have a "most groovy" day.

Anonymous said...

First of all, I LOVE KENDALS OUTFIT!!!!! I am too becoming a softy. Today Lydia wore one of the boys tiger t-shirts that are way too big for her and ugly non mathching yellow pants. Did I care, Nope! With Thomas he had matching shoes and base ball hat to go with it. When I saw that wagon filled with blankets it reminded me of my sister Kristen and I....except we took our red wagon, stuck a broom in the middle, coverd it like a tent with blankets and then my sister tied the wagon to my bike (keep in mind we were 9 and 11yrs old) and then SHE MADE ME DRAG HER SORRY ASS ALL AROUND THE NEIGHBORHOOD....big sister are mean! How times have changed. You would never see 9 and 11yr olds doing that. Those were the days. Kendal does have a high pain tollerence. That is one tough cookie. GOod luck with the raccons. Where do they go during the day? Creepy!

Krista said...

Isn't it amazing that two children from all of the same DNA come out so different? Anna is like Kelsey...She would have been screaming for a good half hour.
Hope you had success in getting the raccoons! They are such filthy animals!

Epperson Family said...

Bekah and Ellie are that way with bugs! Bekah loves them and if Ellie even see one in her room is gets freaked out and doesn't want to sleep in there. Sometimes I wonder if Bekah plants them in thier room, just to BUG Ellie!


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