Tuesday, August 05, 2008

No Crank Ice Cream

Sunday night we made homemade ice cream in a bag. Matt was very suspicious of it all, but he turned into a believer. Sorry about the wild pictures, I put my camera on nighttime setting and I didn't quite need that setting yet for the evening so they are a little wild.

It was a fun time and Kelsey loved it. Here is the recipe if you want to give it a try:
Put 2 Tbsp sugar
1 cup 1/2 and 1/2
and 1/2 tsp vanilla extract into a ziploc sandwich bag

Put the following into a gallon size ziplock bag:
1/2 cup salt (nice big granules, kosher or rock salt)
ice cubes - about 1/2 of the gallon bag worth
and the sandwich bag full of the yummy goods.

Now, shake and mush (technical term here) those bags until the mixture hardens and you have ice cream! It took us a little longer than 5 minutes.

One tip I have for you, wear gloves or put something on your hands - it was freezing!

Also, I thought that one of our ice cream bags had opened up into the salt bag because the icy saltwater was looking a little milky. It didn't though, and if it did, it wasn't very much.

The girls loved it and so did we, I was surprised at how good that ice cream tasted!


Tori said...

That is a way fun idea! I just might try that tonight with my little ice cream lover!!

Kellee and Courtney said...

That is brilliant. I will have to try it with my kids. Make them work for their sweets. That will show them.

Jenn said...

I was with Matt. We did that at YW camp and I was sure it wasn't going to work. Much to my surprise it turned out great and yummy!

I agree-- wear gloves or something. Burrrrrr!

Jenny said...

Wendy brought it over for us to do! Steve and Bennett were here and did it with us. Steve's turned out really well. I didn't get any we will have to try it again.

mom said...

Sounds like a cool (get it? cool!)idea.
Seriously, who thinks up these things???
But i am gonna give it a try.

lindsay said...

I remember doing that in high school chemistry class. What a great family activity :) Do you think chocolate could be added?

Krista said...

Thanks for the fun idea. I'm going to give it a try!

ourhaskellfamily said...

Hey thanks for putting the recipe on I actually have some left over half and half in the fridge. Glad I saved it.My kids are excited to try it.

mindy said...

Ok so tonight I have to go to the sheepherd, but when I do go shopping, we are so trying that! My husband (the ice cream freak)will love it!

Epperson Family said...

Sounds Like a fun Cheap activity! We are all about cheap this days!


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