Friday, June 10, 2011

Alien vs Indian

Last week This is the Place Heritage Park had Huntsman Day, a day of free admission and ice cream. I have never heard of this day, but apparently everyone else has because I heard there were 10,000 of us there! Anyway, the kids wanted to go, so we did.

We saw a one room cabin where 13 people used to live, I think in Sanpete County. The boys slept in the loft upstairs, the girls slept on the rug in front of the fire, and there was one bed. It was good for Kelsey to see that and think about it. She complains about sharing a HUGE room with her messy sister, it gave her a little perspective. It gave me some perspective too.

Emmitt was so excited to ride the trains. He is such a boy - loves the trains, tractors, trucks, but he also had a pair of ballet slippers on yesterday!

We went to the Native American camp where there was a lady all dressed up and outfitted to the max in her gear. Kendal said to me "Mom, is that an alien?" It took me a half a second to understand what she was really saying, but I said "No honey, the word is Indian." Kelsey thought that was the funniest thing.

Kendal's favorite part of the day was going to the old school house. The teacher held class and showed them what the naughty kids had to do, and what happened when they forgot to do their homework. They recited the alphabet and talked about George Washington. She thought is was the greatest thing. She was so cute!

Kendal also really enjoyed listening to this group of talented kids, so did Kelsey. They played so well together. I don't think one of them was over 17, and the youngest girl looked to be about 14. They were so talented and it was so fun to listen to them. Just the night before the kids Skyped their grandpa and he played the banjo for them. This banjo player was amazing, well, they were all amazing. Kelsey liked watching the violin boy and Kendal wanted to play the mandolin for about 20 seconds, but then decided she wants to play the violin like her sister. It was a wonderful day for all of us and my kids had a blast.

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Mom said...

The kids looked like they really enjoyed it.
Very cool.


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