Sunday, June 19, 2011

Just a few picture of me and the little ones last week.  Kelsey is really enjoying being out of school, but the weather has not been too summery yet.  Kendal is chomping at the bit to play with the sprinkler under the tramp, but I have to wait for it to get a little warmer before that happens.  Kelsey can't wait for it to warm up enough to do a lemonade stand.  Emmitt has loved having the girls home all day too!  Soon the days will warm up, but I must admit I love the coolness of it all right now!

Kendal starts summer school tomorrow.  She was so sad that when the normal school year got out that summer school didn't automatically start.  She is so excited; I hope it turns out to be a good day tomorrow.  The bus picks her up at 8:00 (she has only ridden a bus once -to the zoo with me) and will drop her off at 10:10.  I am so nervous for her for some reason, but she is cool as a cucumber. 

So, since summer officially starts here in just a day or two, I send out happy summer wishes to all!

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