Friday, June 24, 2011

socks and more socks

We all have household chores we don't like to do.  I actually enjoy vacuuming, laundry, and weeding.  I despise dusting, bathrooms, and mopping.  My sweet Kelsey is getting old enough to be truly helpful in many ways.  She mopped the kitchen and bathroom floors for me the other day without me asking.  I loved it.  She is quite the little neat freak too, so she loves to organize drawers, and anything else that seems like it is a mess.  My friend Amanda does not like laundry.  She hates it worse than I hate doing bathrooms.  She had a huge tub of socks - all clean and unmatched.  Kelsey's organizational skills kicked into overdrive and she matched and folded socks for an hour and a half and got through the tub.  She is amazing and a joy to have around!

Oh, just for fun and so I won't forget:  The three kids were playing today and Emmitt was causing some trouble as the two girls were doing puzzles.  Kendal said "Emmitt, you need to move or we will get a new brother."  She was quickly reprimanded and Emmitt was allowed to help put the puzzle together.


Mom said...

That's a lot of socks. Wow

Tori said...

I HATE folding laundry-- especially socks. and fortunately Jared is really OCD about how his socks are folded. So when we fold laundry, I give him all the socks. Its great!

And people--she really, really really hates cleaning bathrooms! That always got to be my chore growing up...and sweeping. Why haven't you invented that cool flooring you thought of as a child?!

Amanda Lee said...

I will forever be in debt to Kelsey for folding that massive tub of socks that have been collecting over four months. I should be embarassed, but I am learning to embrace my faults.

Rachel said...

I don't mind floors so much anymore, well, sweeping and vacuuming anyways!
But if I ever need a ton of $$$, I will invent that floor from my dreams long long ago!


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