Sunday, June 26, 2011


We drove back to Heber City from Salina this morning after a Saturday full of family fun and hauling hay.  Our little niece Ashley was baptized and we had a delicious family dinner yesterday.  Matt had to eat and run so he could get some hay hauled.  He and his brothers hauled hay until dark so we spent the night unexpectedly in Salina.  It was fun because the kids got to play with cousins all evening.

Anyway, we saw Mater this morning on way back home.  He was parked outside the movie theater on Gunnison Main Street and it was the cutest thing I have seen all week, other than Emmitt sitting in the Tonka truck getting pushed down the road yesterday by his boy cousins. The kids loved seeing Mater and I have to admit, I thought it was pretty great too!


Mom said...

So cute. I would have loved to see that. Lol

Tori said...

Oh B would have been in heaven!!!


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