Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend Civil War Adventures

Memorial Day Weekend was a super fun Civil War weekend for us. Friday was a HUGE school day adventure for a middle school in Salt Lake City. They did a fantastic job in their own preparations, and plus they invited us, the UCWA. It was a super fun hit.

Kimberli and her crew taught a few period dances. The 8th grade boys were silly about it, but they all truly did enjoy it.

Amanda got to play her dulcimer a bit and had an interested and wonderful crowd of students for most of the day.

Ephraim did a wonderful job of holding adolescent minds and talking about uniforms and the life of a civil war soldier.

Jamin, Kris, and Jake made lots of new friends!

The Phisters did a wonderful Union cavalry demonstration.

Scottie and Emmitt were the brains behind the operation.

Jack portrayed a Provost Marshall and Gail portrayed a working woman of the South.

Jorden, Heather, and Mr and Mrs Grant
Jorden operated the school house, Heather did fashion for the students, and the Grants taught dancing.

After we cleaned up our school day camp, we headed to Camp Floyd and set up. Camp Floyd was an actual Federal military camp in 1861. When the Civil War broke out, the soldiers traveled back home to the east and fought for their respective areas. Here is me and MaryAnn, the hat lady. My camera hit the dust after the school day event, so the pictures from Camp Floyd were stolen from my friends.

Kelsey was able to play a little violin for a bit.

Here is Steve, myself, Jimmy, and John
Why all the blue??

Me and Emmitt
The weather was not the best for the weekend adventure, but we made the best of it most of the time.

This is Traci spinning wool, one of the civilian group members that we sure enjoy.

Jack, Gail, Me, and Austin, my Southern crew.

This is Richard the barber. He is amazing and his place smells so good! I just wanted to take a whiff of every guy that walked out of the place!

We had a nice weekend. The weather was a little nasty and my friend Amanda could not stay for the entire weekend, but I sure enjoy all my reenacting friends and the good times we have together.

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