Tuesday, June 07, 2011

While at the quilting retreat a few weeks ago, I worked on Emmitt's new dress. I also had to make him a new pinafore. It turned out a little shorter than I wanted, but that is all the fabric I had. Everyone thinks he is so girly in his dress, but I have been looking at old images from the 1860s, and they dressed their boys so very ruffled up, spiffed up, dolled up, and what we would consider today very dainty and girlish. His new dress is so very very plain compared to the ones in the images.

I also pieced the top of this baby quilt together at the retreat using reproduction fabrics. When I got home I added another border, hand quilted it with large stitches and bound it. I made it for a sweet lady in the civilian group that just had a baby about 6 months ago. Amanda and I decided we wanted to give her a gift from the bottom of our 1860s heart, so I made this quilt and Amanda found the most amazing little antique spoon and cup at an antique shop. I wrapped the quilt up in brown paper with cotton string and attached the cup, spoon, and a little wooden toy Amanda found and it was a hit! The reenactors loved it, the baby loved it, and the public loved it. I wish I were Santa because giving things to people and seeing them so happy just makes my day.

The UCWA had a wonderful school day with a Jr High School in Salt Lake City a few weeks ago. It was such a great day. My girls were in school, but my little man was able to come with me. He was such a good little boy and acquired a few new 8th grade girlfriends. It was a perfect weather day, and things went so well. It is so enjoyable to be with the amazing reenactors from our group. They make this fun fun hobby so much more fun.


Mom said...

Oh wow, I so love that quilt. It is beautiful.

Tori said...

When you do these posts it makes me wonder if we really are sisters! you never cease to amaze me!


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