Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fort Douglas Day

 Our Fort Douglas Day event began Friday morning at 6:30 with Big Budha from Fox 13 News interviewing our soldiers and doing a few fun live clips. He ate hardtack and salt pork and was apparently not all that impressed  Our boys were wonderful!

Amanda and I were supposed to do a little segment around 8:00 am about ladies fashion and promote the ball that evening.  It was a little crazy being on live TV and I am a bit embarrassed about how it all turned out, but hey, it will be okay. 

This photo was taken right after I slapped Big Budha across the face on live TV.  Yeah, not very refined, but he asked for it and the camera man kept motioning for me to give it to him, so I did!

Amanda and I also did another short segment around 11:00 that morning.  I talked just a little about the ball and tea time, and Amanda played some music for Big Budha.  Our kids were so so so good.  They just smiled, sat still and nicely, nobody picked their nose or yelled out, and all went so well!

Fort Douglas Day involved military from Revolutionary War up to modern military.  Here are a few of our guys from the American Civil War and also WWII.  They were great.

Friday evening was the Civil War Era Ball, and that will have to be another post, all by itself.  The following pictures are from Saturday, the actual Fort Douglas Day event.  It was a great day - the weather was more than perfect, the friends gathered were great, the public was fabulous, and my kids were pretty good.  Kendal had a rough day though, but overall a great civil war day.

Kelsey played her violin a little bit and really did well.  Her favorite listener was Dave, our previous UCWA president.  He loves music and he loved hearing her play.  She loved all the praise!

This one was at the end of the day - that is why I am sitting on Kendal.  She was such a little stinker and pest, I had to give her some of her own medicine!  Emmitt enjoyed Austin as his portable swing and buddy.

It was fun to spend part of the day with Heather and Jorden, fellow Ladies Aux. members.  It was fun to chat with Jorden as she rolled bandages and Heather knit.

One very cool part of the day was when I went inside the museum to get a drink.  This is what I saw.  It was an amazing entire display of World War I uniforms.  They were amazing.  All of the other wars were well represented, I just got pictures of our civil war corner.  The music coming from the WWII jeeps was wonderful - I love that era!

Amanda graced us and of course the public with a little music on her dulcimer.  We love it, they love it, and we are all happy!

My sweet ones were good, and we had a fun fun day.  I had to keep the sword away from Kendal, the chess pieces away from Emmitt, and the goober peas away from Kelsey!  I am grateful however to everyone of my friends that helped with my children, that is one thing that makes our group so great.

The World War II boys got out a parachute and played around for a little while.  It was awesome.  There was just enough wind to fill the chute and make them dance a bit.  I love the 40s era and really appreciate the WWII veterans that fought for our nation.  How blessed we are to have such great military men and women who keep our flags blowing in free skies.

I do have to admit that one of my favorite parts of the day was when Kris, our UCWA president this year, pulled out his wooden bat and leather ball.  I adored them, fondled them, and then asked him to pitch me a few.  Yeah, very unlady-like in a big skirt and all, but I could not resist.  After a few pitches, a few fouls, and a strike, I sent one out of the park.  Really, it went in the road.  Took me by surprise, took Kris by surprise, and I think everyone else that might have seen it was surprised.  It felt good!  What a fun fun day we had, thanks to all my historical friends!


Mpm said...

Very nice. Looks like quite the weekend.

Mom said...

Whoops, that's mom

Amanda Lee said...

You make me want to start blogging again. Good times:)


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