Sunday, June 05, 2011


When I was in high school I played sports. That meant away games, and that meant ball trips on the bus. What a great time! I remember my first ever away game my freshman year at Richfield High School, an hour away. There is a portion of the road that we call the Glenwood Dugway - super curvy and windy. Well, being the cool 9th grader that I was, I sat backwards chatting with my teammates and laughing when I felt it - bus sickness. I opened the bus window and let it fly - all down the side of the bus. So not cool. After that experience, I spent the rest of my 4 year sporting trips in the front seat with the coaches and chatting with Charlie the bus driver. Yeah, it was so not cool, but it was either that or paint the side of the bus again.

Well, the kindergarten classes at Kendal's school needed parents to go with them on their field trip to the zoo. I went. On a bus.

I took some motion sickness pills that morning, sat very still and only turned around 4 times to check on 2 of my 4 wards of the day, and made it to the zoo without getting sick. We had a fabulous time. My little foursome of 6 year olds were wonderful! They listened so well and we seriously had a blast.

Kendal, Ken, Destiny, and Giovanni were my kids and they were so great. I totally lucked out. The only problem I had was when we were eating lunch Ken said "stupid" during a sentence. Kendal promptly told him that we don't say that word. I chimed in as a wonderful parent and said, "Yeah, there are a few words that we don't like to say at our house." Ken then started telling me words that his older brother says that makes his mom mad. Yeah, not good. Giovanni started telling me some too that he isn't supposed to say and the conversation turned bad very quickly! I put the kabosh on that and told them we were done with that conversation. They thought it was funny, but they were good kids and started talking nice again. What was I thinking!?!?!

The day was a cool one with a little rain, but that was great. All the animals were very active and it was nice to go to the zoo and not have to search for the animals hiding and holing up in the shade. The tigers were especially amazing - Kendal was a little scared but had Giovanni to protect her though - it was darling!
The bus ride home was a little quiet, they were all tired and it went wonderful also. It was a super fun day and I am just really glad I survived the bus ride so well. Matt went on Kelsey's field trip a week earlier and said the bus ride was a nightmare with all the 3rd graders.

Kendal also had her 6th birthday a few weeks ago. She is such a wild and crazy good time. We love her so much and I am so grateful to have her in our family. Happy Birthday Muskrat!

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Funny, I would have loved to hear that conversation. Lol,


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