Thursday, February 23, 2012

Civil War Pomegranates Quilt Complete, well the top at least!

I completed the love apple or pomegranate applique on one of my civil war quilts today.  YIPPEE!  It was actually quite enjoyable to do, as much as I was dreading the applique.

So here it is before the applique - all kinds of hideous mint green fabric yelling at you.

 And here it is after, with the applique filling in some of that non-period mint green fabric.  I think it looks like it belongs, and that makes me happy.  So now I get to take it to my friend Natalia to be machine quilted.  Yeah, I know, not period correct, but actually it wasn't unheard of at the time.  My friend Sandra Starley, an amazing quilt historian, has a few quilts made in the 1860s and beyond that are machine quilted.  Imagine that!  Natalia will do an incredible job.

And just some useless information - today I opened the last of my bottled peaches.  I had a scrumptious lunch of peaches and cottage cheese!  YUM!  I guess that means I will have another reason to visit Capitol Reef National Park again this summer and get some peaches and will be bottling up a storm!  There is nothing like home-canned peaches!  It is funny how many MORE peaches I can fit into a jar than Del Monte can fit into the same sized can!


Mom said...

Love,love,love it. The finished quilt will be oh sooooo pretty. Good job!

Amanda Lee said...

That is one gorgeous quilt. All that piecing makes my head hurt. YOU DONE GOOD:)

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Oh my - I'm loving your blog! Great quilt.


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