Monday, February 06, 2012

 I wish I could say I have been up to something like these pictures show, but I have not.  Although, a pergola/arbor is in my summer construction plans.  YIPPEE! 

 Anyway, this is what I have been up to for the past week, no wait, 6 weeks.  Family history reading.  It has seemed to engulf me lately.  I have always been interested in it and always dabbled in the stories of my amazing ancestors, but for some reason the stories are very interesting to me right now.  They truly do amaze me.  They give me hope and strength in what I need to do, and they help me realize what a good and easy life I have, mostly because of their sacrifices.

 This is Elijah Hiett Maxfield, my paternal grandpa's grandfather.  I just ordered this book a few weeks ago and I read most of it yesterday.  He is just one example of many of the extraordinary people I get to call my ancestors.  Well, off to! 


Jake said...

Good luck on your project. I wonder if Mr Maxfield ever owned a pergola.

Rachel said...

I think he did, pretty sure of it. He was sent to the 'wine mission' down south by Brigham Young. We will say there were pergolas down there! Thanks Jake!


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