Monday, February 13, 2012


My Kelsey turned 10 over the weekend.  Wow, where has the time gone?  I realize this top picture is quite hideous, but it was taken Sunday morning as soon as Emmitt woke up.  He has been stripping in the night telling me he gets too hot.  When Kendal used to do that, I safety pinned her one piece zip up pajamas closed and she couldn't figure it out.  I think I will try that with Emmitt tonight, since when I checked on him last night before I turned in, he was once again pajamaless and snuggled into his bed!  Anyway, it is a rough picture, but everyone was so excited for Kelsey to open her presents, there was no time to get decent!

 We keep things pretty simple at our house for birthdays.  I like to keep them family affairs rather than a mad and crazy friend frenzy.  God sent us to live in families and since they are the most fundamental and important unit in society, we might as well love each other and enjoy being together, especially on big days like birthdays.  
Kelsey had a fantastic day.  She got a few fun presents, went to church where they sang to her and made her feel special, had a family movie night, ate cake, and of course played with balloons all day.
Today 2 friends are coming home from school with her for a couple of hours to play a few silly games and have a fun time together.  She is a sweet girl and it is amazing how much she has grown and progressed over the past 10 years.  I know she is destined to be an amazing woman, and I hope Matt and I are doing what we should to help her develop into that amazing person she is meant to be, and is already becoming.


ToRi and cReW said...

It is very weird that she is 10! Holy smokes--- but she is a wonderful young lady...

(E looks so big in that picture)

Mom said...

She is a great little lady. Just hang in there. Being a parent is the hardest job there is, and we all make mistakes a long the way. You guys are doing a great job.


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