Sunday, August 19, 2007

3rd Weekend of August

The 3rd weekend of August we always head south to the Wayne County Fair. We had a super time this year. Among other festivities, we went to the parade Saturday morning. Here is my Matty, Kendal, and Kelsey getting ready to gather all the candy and catch the ping pong balls that get dropped from an airplane going over main street.
Kendal loved all the big trucks and sirens that made noise. Here she is on my dad's shoulders greeting another noisy truck. And yes, that is a horse trailer in the Wayne County parade you can see in the background!! A cute girl from my hometown of Lyman won the breakaway roping at the Utah State Finals this year and just went to Nationals. She was in the parade with all the saddles and good things she has won rodeoing. (That really is a word, rodeoing.)


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! That's one thing I love about Utah is all the pareades and fair days. That is so funny about the horse trailer!!!!

Gotta love those Grandpa's!

Krista said...

Your dad is just like I remember him. How fun for you to go back! Pretty soon you can teach your kids how to "cruise" main just like you did!


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