Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Labor Day Weekend, here I come!

I have been sewing today and yesterday. Today I almost finished my mom's 'Marshal Dillon's Mistress' costume for our Western themed family reunion. All I need to do is sew on the pink buttons, but the problem is I can't find them!! My mom is going to look so cool wearing this with her black fishnet stockings, black lace gloves, big black choker necklace, and black ostrich plume hairclip!! I'll post pictures of us all dressed up! I also made Kelsey's Annie Oakley costume today - so stinking cute!

Speaking of my family reunion, I took this quilt top I finished to my friend KayeDawn yesterday. She has a really nice Gammill quilting machine and she is going to quilt it for me. I really wanted to quilt it on my own, I even got my neighbor Debbie's quilting machine in my basement last week, but alas, I have run out of time. I would like to think I am not a procrastinator, but I am. It needs to be finished by Aug 30th because that is the day I head south for our Labor Day Reunion. I just couldn't do it that quickly and do it well. Oh well, tell me it will be all right.


Krista said...


Your quilt is beautiful! I love the colors in it.

Tori said...

The quilt is gorgeous! I guess you decided on no yellow centers. Mom will be the hottest Miss Kitty ever!

Brittany said...

rachel...I love the quilt...I still think you, your mom, and tori should rig the raffle. You have done too much work on it, to just give it away! It just goes to show what a good person you are!...I on the other hand,would have been selfish and kept it :)

Mom said...

Yeah,,,,, what Brittany said!
The quilt is georgous!!! And the lil outift you made is simply "groovy", I can't wait to wear it,,,,, yippeeeeee!

Amanda Lee said...

Sexy Outfit, But you know me..you need a little more clevage!!! Maybe you Mom can be the Mayor of "Cleavland" when she wears it. AHHHHHH, that was funny!

I want the quilt. Blame it on Britt and I, we'll rig it for ya!

acrane said...

I cant believe that you are giving it away. it is just beautiful.
You out fit is great also


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