Thursday, August 09, 2007

Neighborhood Marshmellow Roast

Tonight we had a
neighborhood marshmellow roast at our house. It was a great time. The kids jumped on the tramp, played in the sand box, played on the swing set, played ball, and ate ALOT of smores. I had a great time just chatting with the ladies. The guys hung around the fire pit talking jeeps and other guys stuff. The ladies talked about important things like baby names, our children, weight gain, sexual offenders that live on our side of town, you know just girl stuff!!! I really did have a great time and did hold myself to only 2 smores. I COMPLETELY over bought supplies though, I will be eating marshmellows, CHOCOLATE, and chocolate covered shortbread cookies for a few months. I'll let the girls eat the graham crackers. Maybe I better invite more people over soon! Here are few pics of our evening. I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did. I even got tiki torches!!

I have to go to bed soon so I can get up early. Someone is coming to see the house tomorrow at 11:00 and I have a LITTLE bit of cleaning to do.

One more thing, Kendal had to have her blood drawn again today, we usually do it once a week. She gave those lab techs a run for their money today! In the past she has been so drugged up and lethargic that there isn't usually a fight. Well, today it took two of them and me and we still barely had a good hold of her! She kicked the one nice lady named Heather right in the gut. Tannon, the other tech just about sent the needle up to her shoulder from the jerk she gave as he inserted it into her elbow pit. (Yes, that is what it is REALLY called!) Anyway, Kendal is back!! We can resume calling her Little Al.


Anonymous said...

What a good time we had last night! Thanks for putting it together for all of us. Even though the boys weren't very interactive with people, they said they had a fun time and told Dad he had to promise to go next time and that their were lots of Daddy's. We must do this again. You have inspiered us to make a fire pit in our back yard. I have always wanted one. Good Luck with your house being looked at today, although I am not praying for your home to sell, LOL! Thanks again!

Brittany said...


I am so excited to read your blog!Amanda has got me on the band wagon too, I am in the process of setting up a blog.

I am so bummed that I forgot about the Marshmallow Roast!

Although,I heard that there was more than one kind of Hershey's being passed around! lol!!

You have to do it again,--This time I won't forget:)

Anonymous said...

AHHHH, good one Brittnay! About the "Hershely's" comment Rachel, just think deep about what's going around (sicknees wise). LOL!


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