Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Lagoon, July 2007

Since this blog is read by family, I just have to include these pictures from our Crane Lagoon Adventure in July. I am resorting to old news because all I have been doing today is shopping at Park City Walmart for 3 hours and sewing my sister Tori's new 'shady lady' dress costume for our Wild West themed family reunion on Labor Day. The skirt is done, I will post pics when it is all finished!!
Anyway, our Lagoon Day. Enjoy the pics, especially the one of Mindy, Amanda, and assorted children on the Tidal Wave. They were on one end and Arly, myself, and other assorted childen were on the other side. I was so busy taking pics I didn't get scared or sick until I was finished concentrating on zooming in to the other side of the ship. Mindy, your face just cracks me up! Thanks for a good time ladies, Mike, and Larry. Larry stayed in Heber and took care of my little Kendal so I could go. Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

Love the pictures and the faces on that ride that I know would definitly make me sick! I need to be a good mom, take my hand sanitizer, and just go. I could for sure spend three hours on Wal-mart. Just wsit till Heber gets will become our daily outing and also result in some meaningless spending that will send us into debt. LOL! (lots-of-laughs)


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