Thursday, August 23, 2007

oink oink oink

I have been online for an hour or so (Kendal is asleep!) looking for 'make your own Wanted poster' sites. I got the munchies so I went in the kitchen and got out the smores leftovers and started munching. I didn't mean to eat the entire huge sized Butterfinger, it just happened!! As I finished off the last square, I noticed the board book that Kendal destroyed on the table. It is a library book about animal sounds that I have to repair before I return it (yeah, I am one of those moms, take back damaged goods). Anyway, there it sat - OINK OINK OINK. I laughed and got my camera out.
I guess I am doing double crunches tonight!


mom said...

Well,,,, Your a mom,,,, and you need all the energy you can get,,,, and sometimes the only way to get that energy is thru chocolate. AND you know my rule, ya gotta eat so much chocolate every day or you will die,so for today you are safe.

Anonymous said...

You are my kind of girl. I LUUUUUVE my chocolate! At night I just go crazy with food. It doesn't help that I am a night owl so therfore I enjoy my peaceful evning celebrating with food. I eat when I am happy, sad, depressed. content, bored, excited, for no other reason than the fact that I am in love with food. Bag the diet, I'll start next week:D

I think if you and I were left alone in a Wal-Mart Super Center we would be found camping it out in the desert aile in a tent and then visit the high heel shoe section where you could show me your new strut, then taking it over to the pampering stuff and we would do pedicures, then I would freely try on bra's becasue I can never find one that fits me oh.... and we can't forget the girtles (sp?), skip the book section (unless their are juicy gossip mags)and then end in the material section where I could take sewing 101 from you. Now that sounds like fun! Ok, it's late and I am not making any sense. Good Night.

P.S. The new Kitty climbed on Mark's back, started purring, and walking around on him in the middle of the night. All I heard was, "Get that Damn Cat off of me!!!" One toss and the kitty was gone. I happily took the cat back down stairs making sure we keep Mark happy so he will let me keep the cat. We'll see! Ok, Good Night!

Rachel said...

Thanks mom, I can always count on you to make a chocolate binge okay!
Amanda, we would be in trouble at Walmart together, that is all I have to say. My strut still needs perfecting! And it is good to know that someone is having a treat late at night when I am.

Brittany said...

I think you and Amanda just found us our next "meeting"....Walmart it is!

You can eat that whole bar of chocolate, with all those crunches you've been doing:)

Tori said...

Mom's philosophy is completely accurate! If it maked you feel any better I was craving buffalo wings last night in bed watching the Soprano's at 10:00!

Rachel said...

Toe- -you may have craved them, but did you eat an entire bucket of them?
Amanda and Brittany - I decided WalMart wouldn't be a good thing, you would both realize what a tight-wad I am. Yes, even at WalMArt!

Anonymous said...

rachel, I would not be good for you. I am a sale shopper therefore in my mind if it's on sale it's a deal and then I end up buying everything on sale and half of it I don't need....BUT IT'S ON SALE! My love for wal-mart is never ending. I would have an affair with wal-mart if it was human and to Mark's is not. AS my Dad always says, "A day with out Wal-mart is a day with out sunshine"

Amanda + Wal-mart = Love and debt


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