Saturday, August 11, 2007

Dancing Queen

Dancing Queen, only Seventeen

On August 1st my mom, my sister Tori, and I went to SLC to watch Mamma Mia at the Capitol Theater. This is a silly musical rated PG10 (that is my own rating system.) that uses 22 ABBA songs. ABBA was really hot from 1974-1984. Great music really. Anyway, we had a super good time. We went to the Gateway (my first trip!) and ate before the show. My mom is a very punctual person, if something starts at 5:00 she will be there and ready at 4:45. Dinner went a little long and so we left the Gateway at 7:15. The show started at 7:30 and mom told us a few days earlier that we would be in our seats at 7:15.
So the three of us started walking very fast up 200 South to make it there on time. We all had either dresses or skirts on and Tori had on some killer black high heel shoes. We were making pretty good time until I realized that one city block in downtown SLC is huge!!! At around 7:25 with 2 1/2 blocks to go, I told the girls that we were going to have to make a run for it. I thought Capitol Theater wouldn't let us in if we were late. So the 3 of us start running with extremely full little tum tums. My mom's comments were something like this as we were running "I think I am going to have a heart attack. Tell Marion I love him." My sister's were "This is very unbecoming of me in this dress and these shoes to be running like this. I hope nobody knows us! These shoes are killing me!"
My comments were "Hurry up ladies the light is still green, we can make it!" Although I was really thinking, "I am ready to wet my pants and I will if we don't stop soon." So after we made it through the green light and Tori spotted the theater with about 60 people outside of it at exactly 7:30, we stopped. That gave us about 3/4 of a block to gather ourselves. Now, all of our comments were about how sweaty we were and that we all needed to visit the ladies room!
So, we go into the theater and my mom got us good seats, we just didn't know where. We didn't have time for a stop off at the restroom dang it! Since about everyone else was seated, all we had to look for was 3 empty seats together. We spotted them and went to have a sit down when the lady seated near by told us we were in the wrong spot. We finally found an usher, she pointed us up to the very top of the balcony. Tori said, "No, these are $60 tickets, we are not sitting up there." She looked again at our tickets and then directed us downward, to 3 empty seats. The minute our sweaty bottoms hit the seat cushions the music started. Hallelulah!! We made it.
The show was great and it was a great time with my mom and sister. About 5 days after the show, UPS brought me a package from with the Greatest Hits of ABBA CD in it. Thanks MOM!! So, we have been listening to ABBA at a very high volume at our house. This is pics of Kendal and I dancing to the song called 'Dancing Queen.' She loves to dance with me!! Kelsey was coloring yesterday and I heard her singing to herself "Gimme gimme gimme a man after midnight" and I giggled. Today I heard her in the bathroom singing "knowing you, knowing me, there is nothing we can do, knowing me, knowing you." So there you go mom, we are all addicted!!


Anonymous said...

That is so cute of you both dancing. I would love to be a fly on your wall during the day when Matt is gone and you have that music at full blast. I bet you break out some sweet moves! YOu'll have to play it next time we sew. BTW-when is our next sewing night. I am already looking forward to it.

Krista said...

I'm so jealous that you got to see Mama Mia. I love ABBA! It is one of mine and Anna's favorite CD's as well!


Rachel said...

Amanda, we will be sewing, dancing, and singing to ABBA on lets say Tuesday night at my house. Brittany, you are invited too, even though you are finished with your quilt.
Krista, I knew great minds jived alike! I remember Erika playing some ABBA remix, redo by some other band in our apartment to 'Take a chance on me.; Do you?

Anonymous said...

I am there!!!!! See you at 7pm? We will be bringing snacks so get that ABBA stuff on and I'll show you some of my sweet moved if you show us yours. Brittnay, you are in a delicate are excused from the dancing that will be taking place. Thanks Rachel!

Rachel said...

Brittany, count your blessings you only get to spectate and not participate in the ABBA moves!

TORI said...

Geez--you make me sound like a snobby cow--"these are $60.00 tickets.."..maybe it was the shoes! By the way my feet hurt so bad the next day--I was limping into work the next morning! It's pretty hard to limp on BOTH feet. Anyway, I loved our Mama Mia night. Jared just rolls his eyes when I break out into song!


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